OLED Lifetime System

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Combining the precision of the XtralienTM X100 with the versatility of an Ossila Test Board provides a robust and user-friendly OLED lifetime testing system. The lifetime system is designed to provide a long-term and low-cost solution to lifetime testing.

Compatibility with both the 8-pixel and 6-pixel Ossila substrate systems enables the user to easily fabricate and test OLED devices.


OLED Lifetime System variants
OLED Lifetime System: multiplexing system (left) and manual system (right).

System Overview

The main components of the OLED lifetime system are the XtralienTM X100 Source Measure Unit, an Ossila test board (either manual or automatic smart board) and a specially designed photodiode lid. The smart board can cycle through pixels without user intervention. The components are attached to an optical breadboard in a vertical stack, thus reducing system footprint. A small form factor allows placement of the lifetime tester in previously inconvenient places.


OLED Lifetime System Schematic
System Schematic


 Component List
XtralienTM X100 Source Measure Unit
Ossila Smart Test Board / 6 pixel Push Fit Test Board / 8 Pixel Push Fit Test Board
Photodiode lid with Centronic OSD50-E Eye Response photodiode.
Optical Breadboard
BNC Cable x 2
Spacer legs and fittings
OLED Lifetime System Software + User Guide


Devices are secured within the test board beneath a photodiode lid. The system takes advantage of the XtralienTM X100’s two onboard source measure units (SMU) to characterise the device. One SMU performs JV operations via the test board, while the other SMU measures photodiode current. The test board and photodiode are connected to the X100 SMUs via BNC cables.


OLED and Photodiode Lid
Photodiode Lid.


An intuitive and highly customisable OLED Lifetime software suite performs JV, JVL and lifetime measurements.

The user can perform an initial JV/JVL sweep to determine the operating current of the LED and photodiode. This data is then used to select an LED or photodiode current at which to start the lifetime measurements. Voltage is automatically adjusted to keep the LED current constant over the desired measurement time.

Both the JVL and lifetime data can be output to a .csv file for easy documentation.

OLED Lifetime System Software
OLED Lifetime Software Control Panel.


Please see the OLED Lifetime System software guide for more information.


  • Accurate JV and lifetime data.
  • Simple and fast setup.
  • Compact Design.
  • Fully compatible with Ossila substrate systems.
  • Requires no knowledge of programming.
  • Optical breadboard and spacer legs for easy integration within the laboratory environment.


Voltage  Range -10 V to +10 V
Current Range 10 nA to 100 mA
Substrate Size 15 mm x 25 mm
Overall Dimensions

Width 200 mm

Height 110 mm

Depth 200 mm