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OLED Lifetime System

Product Code T2005B2-UK
Price £2,200.00

The Ossila OLED lifetime system is designed to provide a long-term and low-cost solution to OLED lifetime testing. Lifetime testing is a necessary tool for optimising the stability of your OLED devices and minimising degredation over time.

Combining a source-measure unit with specially designed test boards and intuitive software provides a robust and user-friendly OLED lifetime testing system. Compatibility with both the 8-pixel and 6-pixel Ossila substrate systems enables the user to easily fabricate and test OLED devices. This product is covered by our FREE 2-year warranty.


OLED and Photodiode Lid
Photodiode Lid.

System Overview

The main components of the OLED lifetime system are a source measure unit, an Ossila test board (either manual or automated) and a specially designed photodiode lid. These are controlled via the OLED Lifetime software, which makes your measurements easier and less time consuming.
The following video shows how the OLED Lifetime system works:


The automated test board controls a series of switches which can cycle through pixels without user intervention.The elecrical components are stacked vertically, reducing system the footprint and reducing wasted lab space. This small form factor also allows placement of the lifetime tester in previously inconvenient places such as a glovebox.

Devices are secured within the test board beneath a photodiode lid. The system takes advantage of the two built int source measure units (SMUs) to characterise the device. One SMU performs JV operations via the test board, while the other SMU measures photodiode current. The test board and photodiode are connected to the source measure units via BNC cables. 

Please note that while the photodiode exhibits a spectral sensitivity matched to the human eye, it is not calibrated for absolute luminosity measurements and only the photocurrent is measured.


 Component List
Source Measure Unit
Multiplexing Board Test Board / 6 pixel Push Fit Test Board / 8 Pixel Push Fit Test Board
Photodiode lid with Centronic OSD50-E Eye Response photodiode & standard lid with optical access
BNC Cable x 2
Aluminium Case
OLED Lifetime System Software + User Guide


An intuitive and highly customisable OLED Lifetime software suite performs JV, JVL* and lifetime measurements.

The user can perform an initial JV/JVL sweep to determine the operating current of the LED and photodiode. This data is then used to select an LED or photodiode current at which to start the lifetime measurements. Voltage is automatically adjusted to keep the LED current constant over the desired measurement time.

Both the JVL and lifetime data can be output to a .csv file for easy documentation.

OLED Lifetime System Software
OLED Lifetime Software Control Panel.


Please see the OLED Lifetime System software guide for more information.

* Luminosity measurements are relative and based upon the measured photodiode current and are not absolute.


System Type Manual Automated
±10 V Source Range Yes Yes
±333 μV Source Resolution Yes Yes
±100 mA Measurement Range Yes Yes
±10 nA Measurement Resolution Yes Yes
Software Included Yes Yes
IV Curve Measurement Yes Yes
OLED Lifetime Measurement Yes Yes
For Use With S101, S211 or S171 Substrates Yes Yes
Automatic Device Switching No Yes
Multiple Devices Lifetime Measurement No Yes


      Voltage Range ±100 μV to ±10 V
      Current Range 10 nm to 100 mA
      Substrate Size 20 mm x 15 mm
      Substrate System Compatibility S101, S211, S171
      Overall Dimensions - Manual (T2004)

      Source Measure Unit:
      Width: 123 mm
      Height: 50 mm
      Depth: 185 mm

      Test Board:
      Width: 105 mm
      Height: 40 mm
      Depth: 125 mm

      Overall Dimensions - Automated (T2005) Width: 155 mm
      Height: 73 mm
      Depth: 320 mm

      Software Requirements

      Supported Operating Systems Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
      Minimum Monitor Resolution 1600 x 900
      Recommended Monitor Resolution 1920 x 1080
      Required Hard Drive Space 400 MB


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      To the best of our knowledge the technical information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this information. The values provided here are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch.