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General Information

CAS number 910058-11-6
Full name N,N'-Bis[4-(diphenylamino)phenyl]-N,N'-di(1-naphthyl)benzidine, N,N’-Bis[4-(diphenylamino)phenyl]-N,N’-di-1-naphthalenyl-[1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diamine
Chemical formula C68H50N4
Molecular weight 923.18 g/mol
Absorption λmax 355 nm in DCM
Fluorescene λmax 515 nm in DCM
HOMO/LUMO HOMO = 5.2 eV, LUMO = 1.9 eV [1]
Classification / Family Triarylamines, Hole-transport layer (HTL) materials, Hole-injection layer (HIL) materials, Electron-blocking layer materials, OLED materials, Sublimed materials, Organic electronics.

Product Details

Purity Sublimed >99% (HPLC); Unsublimed >98%
Melting point n/a
Appearance Off-white crystal/powder


npb-dpa chemical structure
Chemical structure of NPB-DPA; CAS No. 910058-11-6.



NPB-DPA, full name N,N'-Bis[4-(diphenylamino)phenyl]-N,N'-di(1-naphthyl)benzidine, is a derivative of triarylamines. It has a skeleton of two joined triarylamines with two diphenylamine as pending units. It is electron-rich and commonly used as a hole-injection layer (HIL) material in OLED devices.

NPB is normally used as a hole-transporting layer (HTL) material. In comparison, NPB-DPA is inserted between an ITO anode and a HTL to effectively modify the cathode surface and facilitate the collection of the holes to the electrode.

Like NPB-DPA, NPB's sister compound NPNPB is also commonly used as the buffer layer between a HTL and an anode to lower the barrier of the hole injections.


Device structure ITO/NPB-DPA (60 nm)/TBB (30 nm)/NA-MSBAF*:DSA-Ph (30 nm, 5%)/LG201* (20 nm)/LiF/Al [1]
Colour Sky-blue blue
Max. Luminance 11,080 cd/m2
Max. Current Efficiency 7.67 cd/A
Max. EQE 5.15%
Device structure ITO/NPB-DPA (60 nm)/TBB (30 nm)/NA-SBAF*:DSA-Ph (30 nm, 5%)/LG201* (20 nm)/LiF/Al [1]
Colour Sky-blue blue
Max. Luminance 13,020 cd/m2
Max. Current Efficiency 7.73 cd/A
Max. EQE 4.93%
Device structure ITO/NPB-DPA (60 nm)/TBB (30 nm)/NSBTF*:DSA-Ph (30 nm, 5%)/LG201* (20 nm)/LiF/Al [1]
Colour Sky-blue blue
Max. Current Efficiency 7.91 cd/A
Max. EQE 4.76%

*For chemical structure information, please refer to the cited references


Literature and Reviews

  1. New spirobenzoanthracene derivatives with naphthylanthracene core: Synthesis and application in sky-blue fluorescent host materials, M. Kim et al., Dyes and Pigments 105, 202-207 (2014); doi: 10.1016/j.dyepig.2014.02.005.
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