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Molybdenum Diselenide (MoSe2) Crystal

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Like most of the transition metal dichalcogenides and graphite, molybdenum diselenide (MoSe2) has a two-dimensional layered structure - with the individual layers stacked together by weak van der Waals interactions. Due to the larger size and better conductivity of selenium over sulphur, MoSeis one of the best TMDCs of metallic nature. This also provides a great opportunity for hosting counterions in  electrochemical energy storage systems (such as lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries).

Like MoS2, MoSeundergoes changes from indirect to direct band-gap transitions when bulk material (such as the bulk crystal) is reduced to monolayer film. However, unlike MoS2, few-layer MoSeflakes possess a nearly degenerate indirect and direct band-gap. An increase in temperature/pressure can effectively push the system toward the quasi-2D limit by reducing the coupling between the layers. MoS2, on the other hand, has indirect and direct band-gaps that are well-separated in energy - and hence, far from degenerate.

Compared to MoS2, MoSe2 exhibits higher electrical conductivity.

General Information

CAS number 12058-18-3
Chemical formula MoSe2
Molecular weight 253.86 g/mol
Bandgap 1.41 - 1.58 eV [1]
Synonyms Molybdenum (IV) selenide
Molybdenum selenide
Classification / Family Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), 2D semiconductor Materials, Nano-electronics, Nano-photonics, Electrochemical energy storage system, Materials science

Product Details

Form Single Crystal
Acquire method Synthetic - Chemical Vapour Transport (CVT)
Purity ≥ 99.995%
Structure Hexagonal
Electronic properties 2D semiconductor
Melting point >1,300 °C
Colour Black/Dark brown

Chemical Structure

MoSe2 Molybdenum diselenide crystal structure
Hexagonal structure of Molybdenum Diselenide (MoSe2)


In contrast to graphene, exfoliated monolayer or few-layer 2D MoSehas a direct band-gap. It has applications in transistors, photo-detectors, and photovoltaics. Due to its layered structure and the unique nature of selenium, MoSehas been widely used in lubricants and energy storage devices.


Molybdenum diselenide MoSe2 is manufactured via the process of chemical vapour transport (CVT) crystallisation, with purities of over 99.999% achieved.


Molybdenum diselenide MoSe2 single crystals are a great source for obtaining monolayer and few-layer MoSe2 via mechanical or liquid exfoliation. Single crystals can also be used directly in optical and scanning-probe microscopy (such as AFM and TEM studies).

Viscoelastic transfer using PDMS

Video by Ossila


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Literature and Reviews

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