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CAS Number 155090-83-8 / 7440-22-4

Materials, Organic Conductors, PEDOT:PSS and PEDOT Based Polymers

Product Code M1216-10ml
Price £180 ex. VAT

Aqueous Coating Formulation Blue AgNW/PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Dispersion

1 wt% AgNW/PEDOT:PSS highly conductive dispersion in H2O, applications in foldable electronics, transparent electrodes and touch panels

Developed for foldable electronics, HY E PEDOT:PSS - AgNW/PEDOT:PSS is a water based hybrid dispersion of silver nanowires (AgNW) and PEDOT:PSS with the best properties and strength of both technologies. The conductive polymer can reduce the surface resistance of flexible foldable touch displays by more than 50%, thereby improving the conductivity and light transmittance of the ultra-thin conductive display layer and providing inherent electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. Silver nanowires provide low resistance and high transmission properties in the transparent coating electrode layer.

Rollable and foldable touch displays require all components in solid state films to be mechanically flexible, durable, and robust for a long lifetime endurance. HY E PEDOT:PSS offers over 300,000 bending life cycles at an extreme radius of only 1 mm, owing to the outstanding and intrinsically flexible properties of the conductive polymer PEDOT:PSS.

AgNW/PEDOT:PSS hybrid materials provides the following physical properties:

  • Aqueous formulation, ready to deposit
  • Good wetting and adhesion to polyethylene terephthalate (PET), transparent polyimide (CPI), and polycarbonate (PC)
  • Excellent SR isotropy and built-in ESD protection
  • Stable SR after > 300,000 bendings at R = 1 mm radius
  • Cost effective solution processing, i.e. spin-coating
  • Low sheet resistance, adjustable from 15 – 150 Ω/square
  • High transmission > 95 %
  • Laser and wet patternable

Pure silver nanowire suspension is also available at Ossila.

High mechanical stability

High mechanical stability

Over 300,000 times stable bending at 1 mm radius for
reliable foldable touch displays

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

Quick and reliable shipping

High quality

High quality hybrid materials

Quality Hybrid Formulation of AgNW and PEDOT:PSS and Tailored High Conductivity

Excellent performance

Excellent performance

High conductivity and high optical transparency

Technical Data

Product Name Clevios™ HY E PEDOT:PSS
Solvent Water
Composition PEDOT:PSS, AgNW
Solid Content ∼ 1.0 wt.%
Sheet Resistance* ≤ 25 Ω/sq
Conductivity High
Particle Size Distribution N/A
Viscosity < 20 mPa.s at 20°C
pH Value N/A
Packaging 10 ml, 25 ml and 50 ml (2*25 ml) of solution sealed in a light resistant bottle with temperature indicator
Storage 3 – 5 °C

* 24 μm coating on PET with sheet resistance of < 25 Ω/sq (wet) and 15 Ω/sq (dried for 5 min at 120 °C in an oven)


MSDS Document


Further Content Information

What is PEDOT:PSS? What is PEDOT:PSS?

PEDOT:PSS is a blend of two distinct polymers: poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) and polystyrene sulfonate (PSS).

PEDOT and PEDOT:PSS Synthesis PEDOT and PEDOT:PSS Synthesis

PEDOT synthesis involves the oxidative chemical or electrochemical polymerization of EDOT monomer. The choice of counterions and polymerization method significantly affects the conductivity, work function, and stability of the resulting PEDOT polymer.

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