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Silver Nanowire Dispersion

CAS Number 7440-22-4

2D Materials, Electron / Hole Transport Layer Materials, Materials

Product Code M2456A1-25ml
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Silver Nanowire Dispersion for Easy Solution Processing

5 mg/ml silver nanowire dispersion in H2O, diameter: <30 nm, length: >20 um >99.9% purity

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Silver nanowires (AgNWs), like carbon nanotubes, are one dimensional (1D) nanomaterials with diameters in the order of tens of nanometres, lengths in the order of micrometres and high aspect ratios of over 100.

Silver nanowires are known to have high electrical and thermal conductivities, high surface area, excellent optical property, great flexibility, low light extinction in the visible, flexibility, and antibacterial characteristics. Silver nanowires have been incorporated into a wide range of products from photovoltaics to biological sensors. AgNWs dispersion can be processed by solution deposition to fabricate patterned stretchable conductors with feature size as small as 50 μm.

Similar product contains PEDOT:PSS is also available at Ossila, AgNW/PEDOT:PSS for highly conductive flexible electronics.

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For silver nanowire solution processing

Silver nanowires are most commonly produced with narrow size distribution and high aspect ratio by polyol method using poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) in ethylene glycol (EG) to reduce Ag+ into silver nanoparticles. With a diameter of <30 nm and length of >20 μm, a high purity  of >99.9%, and ready to use, silver nanowires water dispersion finds the following applications but not limited to.


Antibacterial applications, such as bandages, sterile medical devices, coatings for medical devices and cosmetics.
Transparent conductive electrode, such as AgNW/PEDOT:PSS composite and touch screen
Flexible electronics, such as flexible solar cells, flexible transistors, flexible OLED displays, and flexible supercapacitor
Surface enhanced spectroscopy, such as surface enhanced Raman scattering
Sensors, such as strain sensors for medical applications, and biosensors for glucose and cholesterol
Electronic textiles, such as AgNW/thermoplastic polyurethane composite
Catalyst, such as cathode catalyst for CO2 to CO conversion
Printed electronics, such as inkjet printing and screen printing formulated AgNWs
Electromagnetic interference shielding, such as cellulose nanofibril/silver nanowires AgNWs nano paper
Anti-Counterfeiting technology, such as AgNWs electrode to create holographic images
Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs), such as AgNWs electrode converting mechanical energy into electrical energy

General Information

CAS number 7440-22-4
Chemical formula Ag
Molecular weight 107.87 g/mol
Synonyms Silver nanoparticles, AgNWs
Classification or Family 2D semiconducting materials, Silver nanowire, 1D materials, Organic electronics


Silver Nanowire Dispersion

Product Code M2456A1
Concentration 5 mg/mL
Diameter <30 nm
Length > 20 μm
Purity >99.9% 
Appearance Gray liquid (suspension)
Packaging 25 ml and 50 ml (2*25 ml) of solution sealed in a light resistant bottle

MSDS Documents

Silver Nanowire Water Dispersion MSDSSilver nanowire water dispersion MSDS Sheet

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