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Optical Spectroscopy Bundle

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Complete set-up for optical spectroscopy at discounted price

Equip your lab for optical spectroscopy today

The optical spectroscopy bundle includes an optical spectrometer
Get the Ossila Optical Spectrometer and a selection of spectroscopy accessories at a discounted price

The complete optical spectroscopy bundle comes with everything you need to get set up and start optically characterising your materials and more.

The kit includes our USB optical spectrometer with spectroscopy software and protective case, an LED broadband white light source, UV light source, cuvette holder, four-port transmission holder, two SMA optical fibers, an optical breadboard plate, and a high-performance optical mirror.

Available at a discounted price (compared to when bought separately) with free shipping, we have put this bundle together to make optical spectroscopy cheaper and easier for researchers, students, and teachers around the world.

At the heart of the setup is the Ossila Optical Spectrometer, a compact but powerful UV-Vis-NIR (320 nm to 1050 nm) spectrometer which features both a USB power and data connector and a six port I/O expansion header for maximum versatility.

Included with the Optical Spectroscopy Bundle

USB Optical Spectrometer

The Ossila Optical Spectrometer with USB-C cable. Simply install the spectroscopy software and plug the spectrometer into a standard USB port on your computer to get started. The miniature optical spectrometer has a 320 nm to 1050 nm spectral range (covering UV-A, visible, and near IR), powerful internal electronics, and measures just 78 mm x 78 mm x 38 mm. The complete optical spectroscopy bundle offers the best value, but the Ossila Optical Spectrometer is also available as a standalone unit with the Ossila Spectroscopy Software package.

Eligible for FREE worldwide shipping and covered by our two-year warranty.

Spectroscopy software

Spectroscopy Software

The included spectroscopy software makes it easy to control the spectrometer and measure intensity, transmission/reflection, and absorption. For custom integrations, the Ossila Optical Spectrometer can also be controlled via a number of simple serial commands. These are supported by most programming languages and can also be sent to the device via the spectroscopy software command window.

The spectroscopy software is supplied on the included USB memory stick. The latest version can also be downloaded via our website at any time.

Broadband White Light Source

Broadband White Light Source

Our USB-C powered LED Broadband White Light Source outputs light over the entire visible spectrum (360 nm - 900 nm) from a single light source. Measuring just 30 mm x 70 mm x 40 mm, our broadband white light source is considerably smaller than other light sources for spectroscopy (such as tungsten-halogen lamps) and is perfect for a wide range of optical spectroscopy studies in the visible range. Supplied with a USB cable, and covered by our two-year warranty.

UV Light Source

UV Light Source

Our USB-C powered UV Light Source emits light at 370 nm. It is ideal for optical excitation in visible fluorescence spectroscopy measurements. The UV light source is small, lightweight, comes supplied with a USB-C cable, and covered by our two-year warranty.

Spectrometer Case

Spectrometer Case

The Spectrometer Case allows the Ossila Optical Spectrometer to be bolted to any standard metric or imperial optical table or breadboard plate. Made from a tough partly flexible rubber and precision made for a snug-fit, it also provides the spectrometer with extra protection against drops and everyday damage.

Cuvette Holder

Cuvette Holder

Compatible with standard 10 mm path length cuvettes including our UV Quartz Cuvettes and IR Quartz Cuvettes, the Ossila Cuvette Holder includes two removable plugs at 90 degrees to the optical axis to allow for fluorescence excitation. Suitable for use in either free space or fiber coupled arrangements and fixable to imperial or metric breadboard plates and optical tables.

Transmission Sample Holder (Four-Port)

Transmission Sample Holder (Four-Port)

Hold rigid or flexible films and samples in place with the Ossila Four-Port Spectroscopy Transmission Holder. Featuring a sprung clamp and threaded connector for four SMA optical fibers, the transmission holder is an important part of any optical configuration that involves flat samples or films. The transmission holder can also be used in a free space arrangement and can be fixed to a breadboard plate or table. This four-port version additionally allows for simple photoluminescence and reflectivity measurements.

Two Optical Fibers

Two SMA Optical Fibers

Two 400 μm core, 1 meter long multimode SMA optical fibers allow for direct optical connections to be made between the Ossila Optical Spectrometer, the Four-Port Spectroscopy Transmission Holder or Cuvette Holder, and the Ossila Broadband White Light Source and LED UV Light Source. Protective endcaps and a flexible steel outer sleeve prevent damage to the optical fibers, and the SMA connections make it easy to put together fiber coupled optical configurations.

Optical Breadboard Plate

Optical Breadboard Plate

The Ossila Optical Spectrometer (with protective case), Broadband White Light Source, UV Light SourceCuvette Holder, and Four-Port Transmission Holder can be bolted to either metric or imperial breadboards. Our metric 150 mm x 300 mm anodized aluminium optical breadboard plate is the ideal size for small desktop configurations. The board features 55 M6 holes (a small pack of screws is provided) on a 25 mm grid. In addition, four untapped 5 mm holes in the corners allow it to be secured to a desk or workbench.

Optical Mirror

Optical Mirror

Our 20 mm x 15 mm x 1.0 mm optical mirror can be used as a specular reflectivity standard over the wavelength range 450 nm - 1000 nm, where it has a reflectivity of >90%.

UV light source with SMA optical fiber, four-port transmission holder, and optical spectrometer
UV light source with SMA optical fiber (foreground), four-port transmission holder, and optical spectrometer (background)


Ossila Optical Spectrometer

Dimensions 78 mm x 78 mm x 38 mm (D x W x H)
Weight 150 g
Wavelength range 320 nm - 1050 nm
Grating blaze wavelength 500 nm
Resolution (FWHM) 2.5 nm
Optical input SMA 905 fibre or free space
Entrance slit width 25 um
Connection type USB type-C
Communication protocol Serial-over-USB
Dark noise* < 50 counts
Signal-to-noise ratio > 500:1
Detector type / pixels CCD / 1600
Analog-to-digital converter 16-bit, 500 kSPS
Data transfer speed* Up to 100 fps (PC dependant)
Stray light < 0.2 %

*measured at 50 us integration time

Broadband White Light Source

Dimensions (D x W x H) 30 mm x 70 mm x 40 mm
Weight 25 g
Wavelength Range 360 nm - 900 nm (approx.)
Optical Connection SMA 905 fibre or free space
Power USB type-C (5 V, 70 mA)
Representative Light Output Representative light output
Spectrum with No Intensity Correction Spectrum recorded on the Ossila Optical Spectrometer

UV Light Source

Dimensions (D x W x H) 30 mm x 70 mm x 40 mm
Weight 25 g
Wavelength Range 370 nm (approx.)
Optical Power 35 mW (non-collimated)
Optical Connection SMA 905 fibre or free space
Power USB type-C (5 V, 70 mA)
Representative Light Output Representative light outpout of UV light source

Cuvette Holder

Body Material (Outer/Inner) Polyamide/Polypropylene
Maximum Cuvette Size 13 mm x 13 mm x 52 mm
Fibre Connection SMA 905

Transmission Sample Holder (Four-Port)

Body Material Polyamide
Maximum Sample Thickness 6.5 mm
Fibre Connection SMA 905

Optical Fiber

Length 1 meter
Core Diameter 400 μm
Fibre Connection SMA 905

Optical Breadboard Plate

Length 300 mm
150 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Weight 950 g
Hole size M6
Hole spacing 25 mm
Optical breadboard plate dimensions
Dimension of optical breadboard plate

Optical Mirror (20 mm x 15 mm)

Dimension 20 mm x 15 mm
Thickness 1.0 mm
Glass Type K9
Substrate Coating Ag/SiO2
Surface Quality 60/40

Spectroscopy Software

Spectrometer software showing white light source spectrum Spectrometer software in dark mode
The spectrometer software showing the spectrum for the Ossila Broadband White Light Source (hover/tap to see dark mode)

Software Requirements

Operating Systems Windows 10
CPU Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Available Hard Drive Space 300 MB
Monitor Resolution 1280 x 960
Connectivity USB 2.0

To the best of our knowledge the information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this page. The values provided are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch. Products may have minor cosmetic differences (e.g. to the branding) compared to the photos on our website. All products are for laboratory and research and development use only, and may not be used for any other purpose including health care, military, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, or commercial applications.

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