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Solution Making Supplies

Solution preparation is an often overlooked, but vital part of conducting experiments; even the most advanced equipment in the world will fail to give you accurate results if the fundamental steps are not carried out properly.

When preparing a solution, it is important to use clean implements to ensure minimal contamination, measure accurate volumes of solution to get the desired concentration, and filter the resulting solution to remove any particulates. Finally, solutions should be stored in vials that will not react with any of the solvents used. For working with acids and chlorinated solvents, it is important to only use solvent-safe supplies like Norm-Ject disposable Luer Lock syringes with compatible syringe filters, chemical safe precision spatulas, and borosilicate glass vials with polypropylene vial racks.

Our range of laboratory supplies and consumables for solution making are suitable for use under various processing conditions and where precision and efficiency are non-negotiable.

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