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Product Code C2001S1
Price £95 ex. VAT

Efficient and Effective Pipette Storage

Store multiple micropipettes from Ossila with ease in a pipette carousel

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For storage of your micropipettes, our pipette stand sets them vertically. Vertical storage allows you to hold liquid within the tip and prevents it from running back into the tip cone. This reduces the risk of contamination and increases the lifetime and accuracy of your equipment.

With 9 individual slots, you can store multiple micropipettes and the carousel design offers easy access to each of them. Created specifically for micropipettes from Ossila, the stand is compatible with our full range, from 1 μl to 10 ml. This product is not suitable for other brands of micropipettes.

Micropipette Stand
Mobile Micropipette Rack
Micropipette Stand

Resources and Support

Micrpipette volume display Getting Started with a Micropipette

Using your micropipette correctly ensures the most accurate and reproducible measuring and dispensing of solutions.

Micrpipette infographic Micropipette: Positioning and Withdrawing

Follow our guide to correctly position and withdraw liquid with your micropipette.

Micrpipette infographic Micropipettes: Components and Parts

Micropipettes are indispensable tools in laboratories. These can be used in many applications ranging from thin film deposition by spin coating to cutting-edge molecular biology experiments like PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

Micrpipette infographic Dispensing Liquid from Micropipette

Micropipettes allow liquids to be measured and dispensed both precisely and quickly. Therefore, micropipettes are used in a wide range of applications from microbiology to analytical chemistry.

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