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All Processing Equipment

When we first launched our vacuum-free spin coater, now in its second iteration and also available as part of a bundle deal with either model of syringe pump we changed how people make thin films in labs across the world. Our equipment is the result of decades of experience fabricating devices and is designed to make research cheaper and more efficient. Built to these principles and with the goal of enabling materials science, our range of processing equipment now includes a full complement of surface treatment and coating devices.

To get the best possible quality coatings, clean your substrates with the Ossila UV Ozone Cleaner. If you are looking to scale up our processing, consider the Ossila Slot-Die Coater. And for working with air sensitive materials and chemicals, our glove box is an ideal option. All our processing equipment has all been designed to help researchers produce high-quality films without the high cost and is backed by our two year warranty, free shipping offer, and expert support.

Produce high quality, fully-functional solar cells rapidly with the Ossila Solar Cell Prototyping Platform

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