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Product Code M2444A1-1g
Price £40 ex. VAT

Silver Nanoparticles with Average Particle Size 18 nm

Extensive applications including printed electronics, catalysts, batteries, and DSSCs

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Silver powder (CAS number 7440-22-4) is a noble metal that exhibits high electrical conductivity (6.3 × 107 at 20 °C). It is commonly used in conductive paste for electronic devices. Silver nanoparticles are employed as antimicrobial agents, owing to their interactions with phosphate-containing compounds within cells and sulphur-containing proteins on membranes.

Recently, silver powder has extended its applications to include batteries. A zinc-air battery incorporating silver powder and graphene oxide as the air cathode demonstrates the maximum current density of 150 mA/cm2 at 0.44 V and peak powder of 68 mW/cm2 at 130 mA/cm2. When a silver powder-modified graphite-composite interlayer used as an anode, it results in a homogeneous formation of Li10Ag3 with minimal Li residue after discharge.

Silver powder also improves the solar-to-electric efficiency of an N719 dye-sensitized solar cell, enhancing it from 0.98% to 1.2%.

Nobel material

Nobel material

For batteries and photovoltaic

Available in nanopowder form

Available in nanopowder form

With an average particle size of 18 nm

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

Quick and reliable shipping

High purity

High purity

>99.9995% High purity

General Information

CAS Number 7440-22-4
Chemical Formula Ag
Full Name Silver
Molecular Weight 107.87 g/mol
Synonyms Silver nanopowder, Silver nanoparticles, Ag powder, Ag nanoparticles
Classification or Family Battery materials, DSSCs, Supercapacitors, Anode materials

Product Details

Product Code M2444A1
Purity > 99.995%
Average Particle Size 18 nm
Specific Surface Area 17 – 21 m2/g
Melting Point Tm = 961.9 °C
Morphology Spherical
Appearance Grey powder

MSDS Documentation

Silver PowderSilver Powder MSDS Sheet


  • Silver decorated reduced graphene oxide as electrocatalyst for zinc-air batteries, L. Poolnapol et al., Energies, 13, 462 (2020); DOI: 10.3390/en13020462.
  • Enhancing the performance of dye sensitized solar cells using silver nanoparticles modified photoanode, F. Saadmim et al., Molecules, 25, 4021 (2020); DOI: 10.3390/molecules25174021.
  • Structural changes in the silver-carbon composite anode interlayer of solid-state batteries, D. Spencer-Jolly et al., Joule, 7, 503–514 (2023); DOI: 10.1016/j.joule.2023.02.001.

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