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Product Code M2442A1-5g
Price £120 ex. VAT

Silicon Powder Available in Nanopowder and Micropowder Form

Applied as an anode material for Li-ion batteries

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Silicon powder (CAS number 7440-21-3) is a semiconducting material with a bandgap of 1.12 eV. It was a dominant material during the late 20th century to early 21st century, referred to as the 'Silicon Age'.

Silicon powder recently draws attention on its application as an anode material for Li-ion batteries, owing to its high theoretical capacity of 3579 mAh/g (for Li15Si4). Si-based anodes show high energy density, limit growth of interphase, and are free of Li dendrites in solid state batteries.

Silicon powder can easily be engineered with other materials for high-performance batteries with a specific capacity of 913 mAh/g. Silicon powder can be further functionalized with vinylene carbonates and polyethylene oxides for enhanced stability.

green energy material

Green energy material

For battery research

Available in different particle sizes

Available in different particle sizes

Nanopowder with D50 of 90 nm and micropowder with D50 of 10 µm

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

Quick and reliable shipping

High purity

High purity

>99.5% High purity

General Information

CAS Number 7440-21-3
Chemical Formula Si
Full Name Silicon
Molecular Weight 28.09 g/mol
Synonyms Si powder, Silicon particles, Silicon microparticles, Silicon nanoparticles
Classification or Family Batteries, Photocatalysis, Fuel cells, Anode active materials, Solid-state batteries

Silicon Powder

Product Code M2442A1 M2442B1
Purity > 99.5% > 99.99%
Average Particle Size 90 nm 10 µm
Crystal Structure Polycrystalline Diamond cubic
True Density 2.3 g/cm3 2.3 g/cm3
Specific Surface Area 45 – 80 m2/g N/A
Appearance Dark brown powder Dark grey/blue powder

MSDS Documentation

Silicon powderSilicon powder MSDS Sheet


Product Code Product Details Quantity Price
M2442A1 Nanopowder, 90 nm 5 g £120
M2442A1 Nanopowder, 90 nm 10 g £195
M2442B1 Micropowder, 10 µm 10 g £110
M2442B1 Micropowder, 10 µm 25 g £225
M2442B1 Micropowder, 10 µm 50 g £360


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  3. High-performance silicon carbon anodes based on value-added recycling strategy of end-of-life photovoltaic modules, Q. Liao et al., Energy, 281, 128345 (2023); DOI: 10.1016/

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