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Reference Electrodes

Product Code C2015A1
Price £83.00

Ag/AgCl and non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrodes

High quality reference electrodes suitable for cyclic voltammetry electrochemistry cells

Aqueous Ag/AgCl reference electrodes and non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrodes are two of the most commonly used types for cyclic voltammetry and other electrochemical studies. Our low price aqueous Ag/AgCl and non-aqueous Ag/Ag reference electrodes make no compromises on quality and are sold sealed in a ceramic frit junction.

On top of our site-wide large order discount offer, you can now save 5% per electrode when you buy a pack of five and 10% per electrode when you buy a pack of ten. A non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrode is also included with the Ossila Potentiostat and both variants are available in our amazing value electrochemical cell kits.

Aqueous Ag/AgCl reference electrode

Aqueous Ag/AgCl reference electrode

Silver wire coated with silver chloride in direct contact with saturated potassium chloride, typically 3M in concentration in distilled water*

Simple, stable, and capable of miniaturization

Just £83.00

Non-aqueous Ag/Ag reference electrode

Non-aqueous Ag/Ag reference electrode

Silver wire in direct contact with 0.01M silver nitrate of acetonitrile solution* sealed with a ceramic frit

Ideal when organic solvent such as acetonitrile is used in the electrolyte system

Just £83.00

*Please note the solution of said concentration is not included with the electrode

Reference electrodes are electrodes with a stable and well-defined electrochemical potential against which the potential of other electrodes in the system can be controlled and measured. They are used in three electrode systems to perform electrochemical methods such as cyclic voltammetry.

Reference electrodes are used as the third electrode in three electrode electrochemical cell systems for cyclic voltammetry and similar studies. They are sometimes referred to simply as the third electrode.

Importantly, reference electrodes have a stable, known and well-defined electrochemical potential. The composition of a standard reference electrode should remain effectively unchanging and constant during the process of electrochemical test and measurement. The role of the reference electrode is to provide a stable potential for controlled regulation of the working electrode potential and in doing so allow the measurement of the potential at the working electrode without passing current through it.

An ideal reference electrode should also have zero impedance. This is determined by the resistance of its isolation junction.

For a standard three electrode cell, the reference electrode should be placed in a frit within the cell. This separates the reference solution from the studied solution. Frits are porous (so that a complete circuit can be formed) but restrict the rate at which the two liquids can mix.

It is advised that the reference electrode should be in as close contact to the working electrode as possible to reduce Ohmic drop between them.

Pseudo reference electrodes, also known as quasi reference electrodes, are reference electrodes which do not have a surrounding reference solution. Since their potential is not defined using a known concentration of ions, pseudo reference electrodes are more likely to suffer from potential drift. This leads to less accurate results.

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Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode

Ag/AgCl reference electrode dimensions
Ag/AgCl reference electrode dimensions (mm)

Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode

Ag/Ag+ reference electrode dimensions
Ag/Ag+ reference electrode dimensions (mm)

*All dimensions are in millimetres.

Pricing and Options

Product Name Product Code Price
Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode-Single C2015B1 £83.00
Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode-Pack of 5 C2015B1-5 £394.00
Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode-Pack of 10 C2015B1-10 £747.00
Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode-Single C2015A1 £83.00
Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode-Pack of 5 C2015A10-5 £394.00
Non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ Reference Electrode-Pack of 10 C2015A1-10 £747.00

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