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Reduced Graphene Oxide Powders

CAS Number 1034343-98-0

2D Materials, Anode Materials, Graphene Materials, Low Dimensional Materials, Materials

Product Code M0921A1-1g
Price £115 ex. VAT

High Purity Reduced Graphene Oxide Powder

 A chemically-reduced, high quality 2D material

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Reduced graphene oxide (rGO; CAS number 1034343-98-0) is a form of graphene oxide with oxygen-containing groups removed in order to make the properties more similar to pure graphene. The more a flake is reduced, the more similar it is to graphene than graphene oxide.

Reduced graphene oxide can be made by taking graphene oxide, and either chemically reducing or thermally reducing it. Chemically-reduced graphene oxide retains more oxygen-containing functional groups compared to thermally-reduced graphene oxide. It also has the advantage of retaining the flake size and layer ratios of the initial graphene oxide, while having lower defect density than thermally-reduced graphene oxide.

High Purity Reduced Graphene Oxide (1034343-98-0)

High Purity

>99% reduced graphene oxide purity

Low Cost 1034343-98-0

Low Cost

Low cost reduced graphene oxide

Chemically-reduced Graphene Oxide (1034343-98-0)

Chemically Reduced

Retaining the flake size & low defect density

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General Information

CAS Number 1034343-98-0
Chemical Formula CxHyOz
Recommended Solvents H2O, DMF
Synonyms rGO, Reduced graphene oxide, Functionalised graphene
Classification or Family 2D semiconducting materials, Carbon nanomaterials, Graphene oxide, Graphene and graphene oxide, Nanomaterials, OLEDs, OPVs, OFETs, Organic electronics

Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxide Powder

Product Code M0921A1
Flake Size 1 – 5 μm
Flake Thickness 0.5 – 2.0 nm
Purity >99%
Layers 2 – 5 layers
Surface Area ~ 16 m2/g
Packaging Information Light resistant bottle

Chemical Structure

Reduced Graphene Oxide Powder Structure
Reduced graphene oxide powder structure

MSDS Documents

Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxide MSDSReduced graphene oxide (chemically)

Pricing Table

Product Code Flake Size Weight Price
M0921A1 ~ 5 μm 1 g £115
M0921A1 ~ 5 μm 5 g £460

More on Reduced Graphene Oxide

Dispersion Guide

Chemically-reduced graphene oxide has significantly less oxygen-containing groups per flake, making the dispersibility of this material lower than graphene oxide, or nitrogen-doped graphene oxide. Reduced graphene oxide can be dispersed in polar solvents, such as water or DMF.


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  2. Electronic Transport Properties of Individual Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxide Sheets, C. Gómez-Navarro et al., Nano Lett., 7 (11), 3499–3503 (2007); DOI: 10.1021/nl072090c.
  3. Reduced Graphene Oxide Molecular Sensors, J. T. Robinson et al., Nano Lett., 8 (10), 3137–3140 (2008); DOI: 10.1021/nl8013007.

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