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General Information

CAS number 565228-31-1
Chemical formula C36H44Br2N2O2
Molecular weight 696.55 g/mol
Synonyms 5,8-Dibromo-2,3-bis(3-(octyloxy)phenyl)quinoxaline
Classification / Family Quinoxaline, Organic semiconducting materials, Semiconductor Synthesis, Low band gap polymers, OFETs, OLED, Organic Photovoltaics, Polymer Solar Cells


Product Details

Purity >95%
Melting point n.a.
Appearance Yellow solid
Quinoxaline-2oph-2br, 565228-31-1, 5,8-Dibromo-2,3-bis(3-(octyloxy)phenyl)quinoxaline

Chemical structure of 5,8-Dibromo-2,3-bis(3-(octyloxy)phenyl)quinoxaline, CAS No. 565228-31-1.


5,8-Dibromo-2,3-bis(3-(octyloxy)phenyl)quinoxaline (Quinoxaline-2PhO-2Br) is the building block for the synthesis of low band-gap polymer semiconductor materials (such as TQ1). Octyloxy as the side chain of quinoxaline functions to promote good solubility of the resulting polymer in organic solvents.

Literature and Reviews

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  3. High-efficiency polymer solar cells with a cost-effective quinoxaline polymer through nanoscale morphology control induced by practical processing additives, Y. Kim et al., Energy Environ. Sci., 6, 1909-1916 (2013); DOI: 10.1039/C3EE00110E.


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