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iso-Butylammonium Bromide

10 g

Product Code M2060A1

iso-Butylammonium bromide (iBABr) has applications in perovskite LEDs and solar cells because its branched side-chain helps promote material solubility and device stability. It is believed that the larger iso-butylammonium cation will not fill into the perovskite cage, thus preventing the formation of 3D perovskite structures.

General Information

CAS number 74098-36-5
Chemical formula C4H12BrN
Molecular weight 154.05 g/mol
Synonyms iBABr, iso-Butanamine hydrobromide, iso-Butanaminium bromide
Classification / Family Alkylammonium halides, Perovskite precursor materials, Perovskite solar cells, Perovskite LEDs

Product Details


≥ 98%

Melting point


Colour Powder/crystals

Chemical Structure

iso-Butylammonium-bromide, iso-Butylamine-hydrobromide | 74098-36-5

Chemical structure of iso-butylammonium bromide; CAS No. 74098-36-5

MSDS Documentation

iso-Butylammonium bromide MSDSiso-Butylammonium bromide MSDS sheet

Literature and reviews

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