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Hydroxyapatite Powder

CAS Number 12167-74-7

Battery Materials, Green Energy Materials

Product Code M2437A1-10g
Price £55 ex. VAT

Hydroxyphosphate Powder: A Natural and Sustainable Material

Ideal for stable and sustainable separators in batteries

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Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral with a formula of Ca5(PO4)3(OH). Hydroxyapatite powder (CAS number 12167-74-7) finds applications in the treatment of dentine sensitivity by promoting the mineralisation process of teeth. It is used as a dental material in dentistry and oral maxillofacial surgery.

Other than its dentistry applications, hydroxyapatite powder is also used as a functional separator in batteries. Hydroxyapatite powder cooperates with cellulose or polymer to form the composite separators. In Zn-ion batteries, a hydroxyapatite-based separator can regulate the desolvation process of the hydrated Zn ions and boost the ion transport. This leads to a fast and uniform Zn deposition and long-term stability over 1600 hours at 1 mA/cm2.

In Li-ion batteries, hydroxyapatite is employed as a filler in polymer electrolyte, demonstrating an ionic conductivity of 1.58 × 10−4 S/cm at room temperature. The battery separators consisting of hydroxyapatite and cellulose exhibit high thermal stability (up to 250 °C) and outstanding flame retardancy.

Green energy material

Green energy material

for battery research>

High thermal stability

High thermal stability

High flame retardancy up to 250 °C

Worldwide shipping

Worldwide shipping

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High purity

High purity

>99.5% High purity

General Information

CAS Number 12167-74-7
Chemical Formula HCa5O13P3
Full Name Calcium hydroxyphosphate
Molecular Weight 502.31 g/mol
Synonyms HAp, Tribasic calcium phosphate
Classification or Family Green materials, Sustainable materials, Natural materials, Batteries, Separators

Hydroxyapatite Micron Powder

Product Code M2437A1 M2437B1
Purity >99.5% >99.5%
Melting Point Tm = 1650 °C Tm = 1650 °C
Average Particle Size 3 µm 10 – 20 µm
Calcium Content 27.4% 27.4%
Phosphorus Content 12.5% 12.5%
Appearance White powder White powder

MSDS Documentation

Hydroxyapatite PowderHydroxyapatite Powder/Hydroxyapatite Micron Powder MSDS Sheet

Pricing Table

Product Code Product Details Quantity Price
M2437A1 Micropowder, 3 µm 10 g £55
M2437A1 Micropowder, 3 µm 25 g £110
M2437A1 Micropowder, 3 µm 50 g £180
M2437B1 Micropowder, 10 – 20 µm 10 g £50
M2437B1 Micropowder, 10 – 20 µm 25 g £100
M2437B1 Micropowder, 10 – 20 µm 50 g £180


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