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Product Code M2406A1-100mg
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Holey Graphene, Porous Graphene Powder

Used in application of water purification, electrical energy storage, capacitors, and water splitting

Holey graphene (hG), defined as a periodic array of holes in the regular single layer of carbon atoms, is created via facile microscopic engineering to generate holes in basal planes of graphene-based materials. The holes can disrupt the continuous of carbon honeycomb structure and cause an energy bandgap to open up around the baseline energy level of the material, tuning the graphene into a semiconductor. Holey graphene thus possesses high surface area, abundant ion binding sites, enhanced ion diffusion kinetics, and excellent high-rate lithium-ion storage capabilities. It outperforms its pristine form, graphene, in various fields of applications especially in capacitors, fuel cells and Li-ion and Na-ion batteries.

Holey graphene structure, CAS 1034343-98-0
Holey graphene structure, CAS 1034343-98-0

The lack of continuous carbon weakens the interlayer attractive forces, i.e., the van der Waals interactions among the layers with increased interlayer distance among the sheets. The availability of a large number of pores and increased interlayer distance provide a boost to the ion movement and enhanced mass transport to also promote applications in water purification and sensors.

Widened bandgap semiconducting Holey Graphene


Widened bandgap semiconducting material

Versitile 1034343-98-0

Versitile use

Water purification, electrical energy storage, capacitors, & water splitting

Large surface area Holey Graphene

Large surface area

Large surface area & Multiple active sites

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Applications of Holey Graphene

With unique architectures of high surface areas and physicochemical properties, holey graphene finds application in catalytic reactions, water desalination and electronic devices.

  • Water purification
  • Electrical energy storage
  • Gas sensors
  • Supercapacitors
  • Water splitting and hydrogen storage

Advantages of Holey Graphene

  • Semiconducting
  • Large surface area and abundant active sites
  • Increased cross-plane channels for ionic diffusion
  • Increased interlayer distance with more electron transfer junctions between sheets

Technical Data

CAS Number 1034343-98-0
Chemical Formula C
Molecular Weight 12.01 g/mol
Synonyms Porous Graphene, Perforated Graphene
Classification / Family 2D semiconducting materials, Carbon nanomaterials, Nanomaterials, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Energy Storage, Supercapacitors, Organic photovoltaics (OPV), Organic electronics
Form Black Powder

Product Details

Product Code M2406A1
Sheet Resistance 602 Ω/m2
Volume Resistance 0.06 Ω cm
Electrical Conductivity >800 S/m
Pore Size >50 nm

MSDS Documents

Holey Graphene MSDSHoley Graphene MSDS Sheet

Pricing Table

Product Code Weight Price
M2406A1 100 mg £280
M2406A1 250 mg £560

Literature and Reviews

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