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Graphene Quantum Dots, GQD particles in water

Blue, green, and red fluorescent graphene quantum dots now available at 1 mg/ml aqueous solution for sensing, drug delivery and bioimaging.

Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) are referred to as small fragments of graphene with a two-dimensional lateral size less than 100 nm. However, majority of as prepared graphene quantum dots are multiple layers of graphene of sizes less than 10 nm, containing both hydrogen and oxygen. The difference between GQDs and CQDs is that GQDS are sp2 hybridized while CQDs are sp3 hybridized. The photoluminescence of CQDs is produced by surface passivation while GQDS is by quantum confinement.

The photoluminescent emission and excitation wavelengths of GQDs can be tuned by controlling the size of the nanoparticles, altering the surface properties or by the introduction of dopants into the carbon lattice. Due to large surface area and the oxygen-containing groups on the surface providing active sites for drug molecules carrying and loading, graphene quantum dots have relatively good biocompatibility in biological medicine than graphene or graphene oxides.

Being biocompatible, non-toxic, photo-stable, water-soluble, low cost and environmentally friendly, GQDs have shown significant potential in numerous fields such as energy devices, catalysis, sensing, photodynamic and photothermal therapy, drug delivery, and bioimaging.

Eco friendly and non-toxic 7440-44-0

Environmentally friendly

Eco friendly and non-toxic

providing active sites

Large surface area

Providing active sites

Low Cost 7440-44-0

Low Cost

Low Cost Graphene Quantum Dots

7440-44-0 Applications

Various Applications

Biosensing/bioimaging, Catalysis & Batteries

Applications of Graphene Quantum Dots

With high biocompatibility, photostability, environmentally low toxicity and low cost, graphene quantum dots find applications in drug medicine delivery, energy devices sensing and bioimaging.

  • Biosensing/bioimaging
  • Drug delivery
  • Photothermal therapy
  • Catalysis
  • Batteries
  • Organic Photovoltaic devices

Literature and Reviews

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Technical Data

CAS Number 7440-44-0
Chemical Formula C
Molecular Weight 12.011 g/mol
Full Name Graphene Quantum Dots
Synonyms GQDs
Concentration 1 mg/ml
Appearance Suspension
Emission Peak λem = 450 – 650 nm
Particle Size <10 nm
Classification / Family Carbon nanoparticles, Graphene, Quantum dots, Biosensing and bioimaging, Material science

MSDS Documents

Graphene quantum dots - blueGraphene quantum dots - blue MSDS Sheet

Graphene quantum dots - greenGraphene quantum dots - green MSDS Sheet

Graphene quantum dots - redGraphene quantum dots - red MSDS Sheet

Pricing Table

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M2410 10 ml £110.00
M2410 25 ml £220.00
M2410 50 ml £350.00

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