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Product Code L2007A1-E3
Price £420 ex. VAT

Butyl Rubber Glove Box Gloves

Replacement high quality butyl rubber gloves, compatible with the Ossila Laboratory Glove Box

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High quality replacement glove box gloves for the Ossila Glove Box or any other with 8" glove ports. Glove box gloves are susceptible to damage from everyday use and one of the most common sources of glove box leaks. Occasionally, you may therefore need to replace your glove box gloves with a new pair. Butyl rubber gloves are the best choice for inert atmosphere environment due to their extremely low permeability to moisture and oxygen ingress. At the same time, they provide high resistance to a wide range of chemicals. At 0.38 mm thick, our glove box gloves are highly flexible, so you can maintain good manual dexterity.

Glove boxes are often used to handle air-sensitive materials that require an inert atmosphere, but they also serve to protect the user from physical exposure to the materials. If you are working with dangerous goods, we recommend wearing disposable gloves inside the glove box gloves as an extra precaution. This will also make your glove box gloves last longer.


Glove Material Butyl Rubber
Glove Finish Smooth
Glove Thickness 15 mil (0.38 mm)
Glove Length 32"
Glove Port Diameter 8"
Glove Size 8"
Glove Handedness Ambidextrous

Replacing glove box gloves

Resources and Support

How to Replace Glove Box Gloves

Gloves used in a glove box must be flexible and relatively thin to allow movement within the main chamber. However, they must also provide adequate ingression protection. Therefore, the glove box gloves will be the most vulnerable exposure point within your glove box as small holes and tears can easily occur.

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Glove Box Standard Operating Procedure Glove Box Standard Operating Procedure

Working safely within an inert atmosphere glove box requires the care and co-operation of everyone who uses it. For this reason, we recommend outlining a standard operating procedure for your laboratory.

Glove Box installation Glove Box Installation

The Ossila Glove Box is designed to be easy to install and maintain, and is suitable for most laboratories. Its small footprint and quick set up also means that it is relatively portable and can be conveniently transferred between labs as required.

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