Ethylammonium iodide

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General Information

CAS number 506-58-1
Chemical formula C2H8IN
Molecular weight 173 g/mol
Synonyms EAI, Ethylamine hydroiodide, Ethanamine hydriodide
Classification / Family Alkylammonium halides, Perovskite precursor materials, Perovskite solar cells, Perovskite LEDs

Product Details

Purity 98%

Melting point

193 °C

Colour Powder/crystals
506-58-1, Ethylammonium-Iodide chemical structure
Chemical structure of Ethylammonium iodide; CAS No. 506-58-1; chemical fomula C2H8IN.



Ethylammonium iodide (EAI), like methylammonium iodide, is a precursor used for high-efficiency pervoskite solar cells and LEDs.

(CH3CH2NH3)PbI3 has valence band position at 5.6 eV with an optical band-gap of ca.2.2 eV [2]. In comparison, (CH3NH3)PbI3 has a valence band position at 5.4 eV with an optical band-gap of 1.5 eV. The difference is due to the larger cation effect of (CH3CH2NH3)PbI3, resulting in less conjugation to the lead iodide to widen the band-gap of the perovskite structure.


Literature and Reviews

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