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Electrode Polishing Kit, EPK-3

Electrochemical Cells and Electrodes

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Electrode Polishing Kit, EPK-3

Restore electrodes to their prime condition for reproducibility with the Ossila EPK-3 Polishing Kit

Electrodes can be often maintained by a rinsing them with water or acetonitrile, or a good wipe with a solvent wet tissue to remove any dust or organic residues absorbed into the electrode. However, if rinsing and wiping is insufficient to clean the surface of the electrode, then you can use the Ossila EPK-3 Electrode Polishing Kit. This kit offers you the best polishing for your electrodes to restore them to their prime condition for reproducibility.

The Ossila Electrode Polishing Kit includes several materials for the electrode polishing process. The kit involves a acrylic plate as the base, a polishing cloth as the support, and multiple alumina polishing powders of varied sizes of 0.05 μm, 0.3 μm and 1.0 μm in diameter as the grinding agent.

Kit Includes:

  • 5 × 1200 grit sandpaper (grey in colour), Ø72 mm
  • 5 × nylon polishing cloth (black in colour), Ø72 mm
  • 5 × micro-polishing cloth (coffee in colour), Ø72 mm
  • 2 × acrylic plate base
  • 1 × 15 g 1.0 μm alumina polishing powder
  • 1 × 15 g 0.3 μm alumina polishing powder
  • 1 × 15 g 0.05 μm alumina polishing powder
  • 3 × spoon

What alumina polishing powder diameter should I use?

In general, 0.05 μm alumina polishing powder is the most frequently used size for disc electrodes to remove any residue from the electrode. However, if scratches are present on the surface of the electrode, it is recommended that you use the alumina polishing powders of 1.0 μm, 0.3 μm and 0.05 μm in succession. It is also advised that you use a 1200 grit sandpaper (grey in colour) polishing treatment before using the alumina polishing powders if scratches are spotted.

The nylon polishing cloth (black in colour) is used together with the 1.0 μm alumina polishing powder, while the micro-polishing cloth (brown in colour) is used either with the 0.3 μm or the 0.05 μm alumina polishing powder. The back side of both the nylon and the micro polishing cloths are adhesive so they can be securely attached to the surface of the acrylic base. Please ensure you clean and dry the acrylic surface and remove the protective cover on the back side of the cloth before applying it to the acrylic surface.

Electrode Polishing Procedure

Apply a small amount of alumina polishing powder (∼ 0.5 g) onto the polishing cloth and then wet the powder with distilled water. Hold the electrode vertically and securely and run the electrode through the wet powdered cloth in the pattern of 8. Please do not use too much force since the electrode could break during this process. Do not mix different sized powder on the same cloth. When different cloths and different size of polish powder are involved, make sure to rinse the electrode thoroughly before switching to another cloth and powder.

For a deep cleansing of the electrode, it is recommended that you use sonication with the electrode in 2N HCl for 30 mins after the polishing process.

MSDS Documentation

electrode-polishing-kitElectrode-polishing-kit MSDS Sheet

alunima powderAlumina Polishing Powder MSDS Sheet


Product Name Order Code Quantity Price
Electrode Polishing Kit, EPK-3 C2018A1 1 Kit £165
Electrode Polishing Kit, EPK-3 C2018A1 5 Kit £660
Polishing Powder, 0.05 μm M2229D1 25 g £44
Polishing Powder, 0.3 μm M2229D2 25 g £44
Polishing Powder, 1 μm M2229D3 25 g £44
Polishing Powders, 0.05 μm, 0.3 μm and 1 μm M2229D0 15 g + 15 g + 15 g £66

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