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Product Code B1961-10g
Price £38 ex. VAT

A dianhydride building block with a phenyl ether moiety

An intermediate for polyimides synthesis in application of super capacitors, battery anodes, fluorescence emitters and MOFs-based memory devices

Specifications | MSDS | Literature and Reviews

4,4'-Oxydiphthalic anhydride (ODPA, CAS number 1823-59-2), end-capped with two carboxylic anhydrides, is typically used for polyimide synthesis in material science. The polyimide films from 4,4'-oxydiphthalic anhydride exhibit high thermal resistance and high specific capacitance (121 F/g). They work well as separators in supercapacitors. The polyimides are also used as anodes in Li-batteries, owing to their dissolution in the electrolyte to maintain the electrochemical performance of Li-batteries.

ODPA can be hydrolysed and chelated to metal ions (e.g., indium) forming metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for multilevel flexible optoelectronic memory devices. The memory devices have over 192 distinct levels (6-bit storage) and stable retention (10000 s).

General Information

CAS Number 1823-59-2
Chemical Formula C16H6O7
Full Name 4,4′-Oxydiphthalic anhydride
Molecular Weight 310.21 g/mol
Synonyms 3,3′,4,4′-Diphenyl ether tetracarboxylic acid dianhydride, Bis-(3-phthalyl anhydride) ether, 5,5′-Oxybis(1,3-isobenzofurandione)
Classification / Family Dianhydride building blocks, Phenyl ether derivatives, MOFs, Batteries, Capacitors, Fluorescence emitters

Chemical Structure

4,4'-Oxydiphthalic anhydride (ODPA) chemical structure, CAS 1823-59-2
4,4'-Oxydiphthalic anhydride (ODPA) chemical structure, CAS 1823-59-2

Product Details

Purity >99%
Melting Point Tm = 225 °C – 229 °C
Appearance White to off-white powder

MSDS Documentation

4,4'-Oxydiphthalic anhydride (ODPA)4,4'-Oxydiphthalic anhydride (ODPA) MSDS Sheet

Literature and Reviews

  1. Long-living luminescence emitted from imide compounds dispersed in polymer matrices after continuous ultraviolet irradiation and its relation to oxygen quenching, M. Doi et al., ChemPhotoChem, e202200310(2023); DOI: 10.1002/cptc.202200310.
  2. Dielectric polymers for high-temperature capacitive energy storage, H. Li et al., Chem. Soc. Rev., 50, 6369-6400(2021); DOI: 10.1039/D0CS00765J.
  3. Electrospun benzimidazole-based polyimide membrane for supercapacitor applications, Y.-H. Lu et al., Membranes, 12, 961(2022); DOI: 10.3390/membranes12100961.
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