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Providing a fast and user-friendly way to program experiments, Xtralien Scientific Python also interacts with equipment, performs data analysis and much more. Using a simple Windows installer and our Xtralien Scientific Python Tutorials, you can start programming straight away.

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What Is Xtralien Scientific Python?

Xtralien Scientific Python distribution is a development environment aimed at scientists. It provides an accessible platform for creating experiments using the Python interpreter. We have included all the relevant tools and libraries that a scientist will need to get started.
The Xtralien Scientific Python project was created to allow scientists to get stuck in with development and not have to worry about installation or compatibility issues. When we were looking for an environment for writing Python code to run our own experiments, we tried a number of different programs. We decided that we liked Spyder the most, however some of our staff found the installation procedure to be needlessly complex.
Because of this, we used Spyder as a base for our environment and packaged it alongside other handpicked modules to provide the best possible environment in which to develop your applications. We trust it enough that we use it internally to run our own experiments.
If your computer runs Windows 7 or above and runs a 64-bit version of windows (which the majority of Windows 7 computers do), then you can just download our installer and get started.


How Does It Work?

Below shows a simple example wherein we are plotting x against y. In a standard python environment, we must import the matplotlib library and use plt.plot(x,y) to plot a graph. In the Xtralien Scientific Python program, this library is imported already and we can simply use the plot(x,y) command without the plt.

##Standard Python##
import matplotlib as plt
x = [1,2,3,4]
y = [5,6,7,8]
##Xtralien Scientific Python###
x = [1,2,3,4]
y = [5,6,7,8]

Scientific Python Plot
Xtralien Scientific Python Plot

How Do I Use It?

Below shows a screenshot of the Spyder-based programming environment running a simple 'Hello World' example script. Code is written on the left section and the result is displayed in the bottom right. The top right section has tabs which display files, variable values and a help section.

Xtralien Scientific Python Screenshot
Xtralien Scientific Python Screenshot


Please check out our Xtralien Scientific Python Tutorials for more information.

Module List

For a full list of imported modules and licensing details, please see our modules page.