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Overview of the Ossila Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood

The Ossila Flow Hood has been meticulously crafted to provide a sterile environment with a compact and efficient design. HEPA filters can be easily installed and replaced. Its benchtop design makes it perfect for bench or small-scale experiments.

For more information on the Ossila Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood, see Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood.

Laminar Flow Hoods

  • Vertical/Horizontal Models
  • Fully Equipped
  • High Purity Air

Available Now! £2,500

Resources and Support

Air Flow in Laminar Flow Hoods

Although the idea behind a laminar flow hood is simple, the implementation of a clean air flow is quite complex. The formation and preservation of optimal air flow characteristics within the hood are essential to maintain a contaminant-free workspace.

Air flow, speed, and direction are all important characteristics, and their implementation can impact the stability of the air flow.

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Vertical Laminar Flow Hood schematic Vertical vs Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood

The difference between a vertical and horizontal laminar flow hood is the direction of air flow through the workspace.

Ossila Laminar Flow Hood control panelGetting Started with the Laminar Flow Hood

This short video guide shows you how to get started with your new equipment. It is easy to control the fan, lighting, and internal UV light.


Replacing Your Laminar Flow Hood Filter

Clean and sterile environments are required in many areas of research. Laminar flow hoods play a crucial role in creating these environments. They rely on high performance filters to remove particles from the air before it flows through the workspace. Laminar flow hoods use pre-filters and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to create an environment with very low levels of contamination.

It is important to know when and how to replace these filters, without risking contamination to the environment.

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Equipment in-use in laminar flow hood How to Use a Laminar Flow Hood

In order to keep your working environment clean, it is important to follow the correct procedures. Through these easy steps, you can prevent contamination and maintain a clean workspace.

Cleaning back panel of laminar flow hood Laminar Flow Hood Cleaning Procedure

Regular and thorough cleaning of your laminar flow hood allows you to reliably conduct your experiments without risk of contamination.

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