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Dispensing Liquid from Micropipette

Micropipettes allow liquids to be measured and dispensed both precisely and quickly. Therefore, micropipettes are used in a wide range of applications from microbiology to analytical chemistry. 

Our micropipettes are precise and easy to use. However, there are a few basic pointers to be aware of before you get started.

Dispensing Solution Method: The plunger of the micropipette must go from the rest to first stop to dispense the majority of the solution. The second step will then dispense any excess. Remaining droplets should be gently touched against the contained edge.

Dispensing Solutions

The plunger has three positions: the rest, the first stop and the second stop. Understanding the difference between these stops is important for accurate dispensing of a determined volume.

  • Displacing the plunger to the first stop will displace most of the desired liquid. However, some of the solution will be left in the pipette due to surface tension.
  • Only by pushing the plunger to the second stop will all the liquid be dispense. The micropipette expels some air which dispenses any existing solution.

Remaining Droplets

After dispensing at the first and second stop, some droplets may remain on the end of the pipette.

To remove these, the droplets should be touched to the side of the container. Ensure whilst doing this that the pipette and container do not touch.

Any one of the Ossila Micropipettes would make an excellent addition to any wet laboratory.

Resources and Support

Micrpipette volume display Getting Started with a Micropipette

Using your micropipette correctly ensures the most accurate and reproducible measuring and dispensing of solutions.

Micrpipette infographic Micropipette: Positioning and Withdrawing

Follow our guide to correctly position and withdraw liquid with your micropipette.

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