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Ir(ppy)2(bpmp), phosphorescent green emitter

High-purity (>99.5%) and available online for priority dispatch

Like Ir(ppy)3, [2-(4-methyl-5-phenyl-2-pyridinyl-κN)phenyl-κC]bis[2-(2-pyridinyl-κN)phenyl-κC] Iridium, known as Ir(ppy)2(bpmp), is a phosphorescent green emitter. It is believed that the introduction of the methyl group at para position to the pyridine nitrogen can provide a twist and electron-donating effect. This raises the LUMO energy level of the complex and the triplet energy level, resulting in a blue shift in the emission.

General Information

CAS number 1215692-34-4
Chemical formula C40H30IrN3
Molecular weight 744.90 g/mol
Absorption λmax = 212 nm, 244 nm, 285 nm
Fluorescence λem = 518.6 nm
HOMO/LUMO No data available
Synonyms [2-(4-methyl-5-phenyl-2-pyridinyl-κN)phenyl-κC]bis[2-(2-pyridinyl-κN)phenyl-κC] Iridium
Classification / Family

Iridium complex, Coordination compound, Phosphorescent green emitter, OLEDs, Organic electronics

Product Details

Purity >99.5% (sublimed)*
Melting point / Thermal analysis

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA): 423.9 °C (5% weight loss)

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC): 407.4 °C

Colour Yellow powder/crystals

*Sublimation is a technique used to obtain ultra pure-grade chemicals. For more details about sublimation, please refer to the Sublimed Materials for OLED devices page.

Chemical Structure

Chemical structure of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)
Chemical Structure of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)

Device Structure(s)

Device structure

ITO/E1* (100 nm)/NPD (30 nm)/H2*:Ir(ppy)2(bpmp) (10 wt%, 30 nm)/H2 (10 nm)/Alq3 (40 nm)/LiF/Al [1]

Colour Green  green
EQE@1000 cd/m2 17.2%
Current efficiency@1000 cd/m2 62.9 cd/A
Power Efficiency@1000 cd/m2 39.5 lm W1  

*For chemical structure information please refer to the cited references.


HPLC of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)
HPLC trace of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)
UV, photoluminescence of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)
UV-Vis absorption and photoluminescence spectra of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)
DSC, TGA of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)
DSC and TGA traces of Ir(ppy)2(bpmp)


Grade Order Code Quantity Price
Sublimed (>99% purity) M761 100 mg £200.00
Sublimed (>99% purity) M761 250 mg £400.00
Sublimed (>99% purity) M761 500 mg £700.00
Sublimed (>99% purity) M761 1 g £1200.00

MSDS Documentation

Ir(ppy)2(bpmp) MSDSIr(ppy)2(bpmp) MSDS sheet

Literature and Reviews

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  2. Organic electroluminescent devices having high luminous efficiency and good lifespan, K-J. Park et al., PCT Int. Appl. (2016), WO 2016013867 A1 20160128.
  3. Heteroleptic cyclometalated phenylbenzimidazole iridium complexes as electroluminescent materials for organic light-emitting devices, Ger. Offen. (2014), DE 102014001468 A1 20140814.

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