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Molybdenum Tungsten Diselenide (MoWSe2) Powder

Product Code M2142C1
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Molybdenum tungsten diselenide (MoWSe2) is a 2D TMDC alloy. Alloying 2D TMDCs has proven to be an effective way of modulating the band gap because of the good thermodynamic stability (at room temperature) of the alloys.

MoWSe2 monolayers consist of two Se atomic layers and a sandwiched metal (Mo/W) atom layer. The monolayer of MoWSeshows alternating atomic arrangement of Mo and Se sites in the hexagonal rings, with the Mo atoms partially and randomly substituted by W atoms compared to MoSe2. Like graphite, its interlayers are bound by weak van der Waals.

MoWSe2 monolayers exhibit strong PL emission, indicating its direct band gap nature, while the bilayers and few-layers are indirect band gap semiconductors. Electrical transport measurement reveals n-type semiconducting transport behaviour with a high on/off ratio (>105) for MoWSe2 monolayers.

General Information

CAS number 126414-37-7
Chemical formula MoWSe2
Molecular weight 297.83 g/mol
Bandgap  ~1.56 to 1.65 eV [1]
Classification / Family Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) alloy, 2D semiconductor Materials, Nano-electronics, Nano-photonics, Materials science

Product Details

Form Powder
Preparation Synthetic - Chemical Vapour Transport (CVT)
Purity ≥ 99.995%
Structure Hexagonal
Electronic properties 2D Semiconductor
Melting point n/a
Colour Black powder

Chemical Structure

Molybdenum tungsten diselenide (MoWSe2) structure
Crystal structure of molybdenum tungsten diselenide (MoWSe2)


With a tunable band gap and band edge position, thin-layer nanosheets of molybdenum tungsten diselenide have applications in photodetectors, FETs, LEDs and photovoltaic devices such as being applied in hydrogen evolution reactions (HER).


Molybdenum tungsten diselenide powder is obtained via the CVT method, with purity typically in excess of 99.995%.


Molybdenum tungsten diselenide powder is generally used to prepare MoWSe2 quantum dot solutions and nano-platelets by liquid exfoliation, assisted by sonication. High-purity MoWSe2 powder can also be used in chemical vapour deposition to prepare high-quality mono-layer films.

MSDS Documentation

TQ1 MSDSMolybdenum tungsten diselenide MSDS sheet


Product Code Quantity Price
M2142C1 500 mg £169.00
M2142C1 1 g £271.00

Literature and Reviews

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