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Molybdenum Diselenide Few-Layer Film

Product Code M2170F11
Price £490.00

Molybdenum diselenide (MoSe2) few-layer films have electrical and optical properties that are dependent on the number of layers a film has. Few-layer MoSenanosheets have a high surface area and unique electronic (quasiparticle bandgap) properties due to interlayer coupling and screening effects. The band gap varies from 1.50 eV (in a monolayer) to 1.1 eV (in a bulk counterpart).

Product Details

Substrate SiO2/Si
Product code M2170F11
Size 1 cm × 1 cm*
Growth method CVD synthesis
Appearance Transparent
Purity > 99%
Transparency > 97%
Coverage > 95%
Number of layers 2-5
Sheet resistance n.a.
Transfer method Directly grown
Substrate thickness 300 µm

* Other sizes available: 2 cm × 2 cm or 2 inches in diameter, 4 inches in diameter custom-made sizes, please contact us for more details.

High-quality molybdenum diselenide few-layer film is available as a directly-grown film on SiO2/Si. Different sizes and substrates of few-layer MoSefilms are also available via custom order. Please contact us for more details.

  • Glass (1 cm × 1 cm, 2 cm × 2 cm, 2 inches in diameter, 4 inches in diameter or custom-made sizes)
  • Silicon (1 cm × 1 cm, 2 cm × 2 cm, 2 inches in diameter, 4 inches in diameter or custom-made sizes)
  • Quartz (1 cm × 1 cm, 2 cm × 2 cm, 2 inches in diameter, 4 inches in diameter or custom-made sizes)
  • Sapphire (1 cm × 1 cm, 2 cm × 2 cm, 2 inches in diameter, 4 inches in diameter or custom-made sizes)
  • Copper (1 cm × 1 cm, 2 cm × 2 cm, 2 inches in diameter, 4 inches in diameter or custom-made sizes)


Molybdenum diselenide few-layer films show great potential in energy processing and storage devices (such as lithium and sodium ion batteries) due to their large interlayer spacing (0.64 nm) and higher electrical conductivity. It has also been widely used in lasers, capacitors, photodetectors, and photoelectrochemical cells as catalysts for hydrogen evolution reactions (HERs).


High-quality molybdenum diselenide few-layer films are directly grown on substrates (SiO2/Si) via the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method.


MoSe2 few-layer films can be used for research purposes such as microscopic analysis, photoluminescence and Raman spectroscopy studies. These films can also be transferred to other substrates.


Substrate Product code Size Quantity (EA) Price
SiO2/Si M2170F11 1 cm × 1 cm 1 £490.00

Literature and Reviews

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To the best of our knowledge the information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this page. The values provided are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch. All products are for laboratory and research and development use only, and may not be used for any other purpose including health care, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food or commercial applications.

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