iso-Butylammonium iodide

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General Information

CAS number 205508-75-4
Chemical formula C4H12IN
Molecular weight 201.05 g/mol
Synonyms iBAI, 2-Methylpropan-1-aminium iodide, iso-Butylamine hydriodide
Classification / Family Alkylammonium halides, Perovskite precursor materials, Perovskite solar cells, Perovskite LEDs

Product Details

Purity 98%

Melting point

168.2 °C

Colour Powder/crystals

Chemical Structure

iso-Butylammonium-iodide, ibai

Chemical structure of iso-butylammonium iodide; Chemical fomula: C4H12IN.


Like other alkylammonium halides, iso-butylammonium iodide (iBAI) is used to tune perovskite structures to achieve the desired size of perovskite grains and nanoplates for LED and solar cell applications.

With a branched side-chain,  iso-butylammonium iodide promotes solubility and hinders the growth of 3D perovskite structures - helping you to achieve device performance stability.


Literature and reviews

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