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IDTTB6-2CHO has a fused Indacenodithienothiophene (IDTT) core structure with extended conjugation to the hexylphenyl side chain with large steric hindrance and electron-rich properties. 

Electron-rich IDTT is one of the most important building blocks for the design and synthesis of low-bandgap non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs), such as ITIC and ITIC-2F which are among the earliest developed NFAs for highly efficient organic photovoltaic devices.

General Information

CAS number 1878125-76-8
Chemical formula C70H74O2S4 
Molecular weight 1075.6 g/mol
Full name 6,6,12,12-Tetrakis(4-hexylphenyl)-6,12-dihydrodithieno[2,3-d:2',3'-d']-s-indaceno[1,2-b:5,6-b']dithiophene-2,8-dicarboxaldehyde
Synonyms IDTT-CHO, Dithieno[2,3-d:2,3-d]-s-indaceno[1,2-b:5,6-b]dithiophene-2,8-dicarboxaldehyde, 6,6,12,12-tetrakis(4-hexylphenyl)-6,12-dihydro
Classification / Family Indacenodithienothiophene (IDTT), Monomer and inermediates, ITIC, None-fullerene acceptors (NFAs), NFA-OSCs, printing electronics 

Chemical Structure

idttb6-2cho, 1878125-76-8
Chemical structure of IDTTB6-2CHO)

Product Details

Purity >98% (by NMR)
Melting point Not available
Appearance Yellow powder/crystals

MSDS Documentation


Literature and Reviews

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