Xtralien X100 Front Panel

The X100 Front Panel allows you to use the board in the same way as a traditional sourcemeter.

You can download the LabVIEW files in a .zip format here:

X100 Front Panel Version 1.1

Note: The code is for LabVIEW versions 11 and later.

The X100 provides two source-measure units, two voltmeters and a shutter control. The corresponding hardware ports can be seen on the main X100 page. Once connected, each component can be turned on and off with the buttons next to the displays.

Connection Controls

You can communicate with the X100 via USB or Ethernet connection. Use these controls to choose a connection type and input the appropriate information. Before connection, most of the panel will be disabled and will only become enabled upon successful connection with the board.

Connection: Choose the connection type that you will be using to control the board.

VISA name: If Using a USB connection, the appropriate COM port must be chosen. The COM port for the X100 will be automatically assigned via the operating system.

Port / IP: If connecting via Ethernet, you must type in the board's IP address. When the board is connected to a network, its IP address will be displayed on the built in display.

CONNECT: Once the connection type and address have been chosen, press CONNECT to talk to the board. If a connection is made, the Xtralien logo will change from red to green as shown in the above image.

SHUT DOWN: You can shut the program down at any time with this button.

SHUTTER: The shutter can be turned off and on with this button once the board has connected.

SMU Controls

The source-measure unit can be adjusted to change the range and speed of your measurements.
Set Voltage: Set the voltage output of the SMU.

Range: The range must be set by moving the range header on the board itself, as shown in this video. The software must also be updated, so that the hardware range and software range are synchronised.

Speed: This controls the number of samples taken per point and the measurement frequency. Values are displayed within the drop-down menu.


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