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Laminar Flow Hoods: Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Pharmaceuticals

Laminar Flow Hoods: Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Pharmaceuticals

To maintain a clean and germ-free environment in a laboratory, it is a good idea to use a laminar flow hood. These systems are useful for various lab procedures involving safe, non-harmful substances. In particular, lab environments working with delicate biological samples benefit from the clean air workspace created in a laminar flow hood.

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Laminar Flow Hoods in Molecular Biology

In cell culture work, maintaining a sterile environment is essential to the integrity and purity of the cultures being studied or grown. When used correctly, the laminar flow hood creates a controlled and clean workspace that helps protect the cell cultures from potential contamination. The controlled air flow serves as a protective shield, ensuring that the cell cultures and any work conducted remain uncontaminated. It is an indispensable tool in tissue culture laboratories where maintaining the purity of the cultures is of utmost importance for accurate and reliable results.

Laminar Flow Hoods in Microbiology

Laminar flow hoods can be tailored to suit the needs of specialised work, making them highly adaptable. This means they can be designed and equipped to meet the unique requirements for specific lab tasks. However, they are not limited to specialised work; they are useful for general laboratory techniques commonly found in microbiological settings. Within these hoods, scientists can carry out various tasks, such as preparing culture media plates or growing microorganisms.

One very typical use is the preparation of agar plates. Agar plates are a fundamental tool in microbiology, used for growing and isolating microorganisms. These cabinets are well-suited for this task because they help maintain the sterility of the agar, and prevent any unwanted particles from contaminating the growth medium.

Laminar Flow Hoods in Pharmaceutical Research

In the pharmaceutical and compounding sectors, precision and cleanliness are important. These industries produce drugs and chemicals that are used for medical purposes, and any contamination can be extremely detrimental. Even the tiniest particles or microbes can compromise the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. To maintain the highest standards of quality and safety, laminar flow hoods are employed, which ensure that the drugs and chemicals being processes remain uncontaminated throughout their production and handling.

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