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PFN-FP, used to improve extraction efficiencies in OPV devices

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PFN-FP is one of the family members of conjugated poly-electrolyte materials (such as PFN) which is used as an electron-interface layer material in OPV devices (including perovskite solar cells) to improve extraction efficiencies. PFN-FP is also used as an active-layer material for blue OLED devices.

PFN-FP is soluble in polar solvents (such as water and methanol) in the presence of small amounts of acetic acid.

General Information

Full name Poly[(9,9-bis(3'-(N,N-dimethylamino)propyl)-2,7-fluorene)-alt-1,4-phenylene]
Synonyms PFN-B
Chemical formula (C29H34N2)n
Absorption (in film) λmax 398 nm
CAS number 673474-79-8
HOMO/LUMO HOMO = -5.70 eV, LUMO = -2.12 eV [1]
Classification/Family Conjugated polymers, Polymer electrolyte, Polyfluorenes, Electron interface-layer materials, OLED, OPV, Perovskite materials

Chemical Structure

Chemical structure of PFN
Chemical structure of PFN

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Literature and References

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