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Insulator Deposition Mask, Low Density

Product Code E309-SPC
Price $300.00 ex. VAT

An evaporation mask for deposition of the insulator layer for use with Ossila's low-density OFET system.

Outer dimensions: 75 mm x 75 mm

Number of OFETs: 5 OFETs per substrate.

Mask with direct contact (no spacer): For sputtering and other non-directional deposition systems, as well as for thermal deposition systems with oblique angles or a very short throw, we recommend the use of the direct contact mask to get well-defined edges.

Mask with 200 μm spacer: For normal thermal evaporation systems we recommend the use of masks with the 200 μm spacer to help avoid scratches and allow better out-gassing.


E309 OFET low density insulator mask top view
Photo of the E309 OFET Low Density Insulator Mask.
schematic of the E309 OFET low density insulator mask
Schematic of a substrate using the E309 OFET Low Density Insulator Mask relative to the gate and source-drain contacts.

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