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2-Bromotriphenylene, also known as 2-bromobenzo[9,10]phenanthrene, is an OLED intermediate for the synthesis of hole transport layer (HTL) materials or host materials. It is electron rich and has a planar structure in electroluminescence devices.

2-Bromotriphenylene can also be used as an intermediate to be embedded as a fluorescent probe for sensors and biomedical applications.

General Information

CAS number 19111-87-6
Chemical formula C18H11Br
Molecular weight 307.19 g/mol
Full Name 2-Bromotriphenylene
Synonyms 2-Bromobenzo[9,10]phenanthrene
Classification / Family Benzo[9,10]phenanthrene derivatives, building blocks, OLED intermediates.

Product Details

Purity >98%
Melting point 134.0 °C
Appearance White to off-white powder

Chemical Structure

2-Bromotriphenylene structure
Chemical structure of 2-Bromotriphenylene, CAS 19111-87-6

Literature and Reviews

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