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Fluid Dynamics at Work: Ossila Unveils New Chuck Design with Advanced Spin Coater System

New spin coater chuck in motion

Ossila sets a new standard in research equipment with the launch of the Spin Coater Advanced and its companion, the reinvented vacuum-free chuck. Designed to redefine precision and efficiency in thin film fabrication, these products offer enhanced control for high precision coating applications.

Engineered for speed and accuracy, the Spin Coater Advanced achieves spin speeds up to 10,000 rpm with unmatched speed stability, extended spin cycles, and enhanced durability. Its capacity for creating ultra-thin, uniform coatings is essential for advancements in critical research fields such as electronics, optics, and nanotechnology.

All-in-one spin coater chuck accommodates four popular substrate sizes
At Ossila, we continually invest in research and development to advance our current products as well as develop new and exciting research tools. Recently, our team have worked to expand our capabilities with computational fluid dynamics simulations, and we are using this in multiple products, including our spin coater. With this new chuck, we have improved both the aerodynamics of the chuck and mechanical performance of the spin coating system as a whole.

Dr. Jon Griffin, Research Scientist at Ossila

Central to its design, our all-in-one chuck applies fluid dynamics to manipulate airflow within the spin coater. Solvents are dispersed effectively, spinning motion is optimized, speed stability is increased, and the drying process is enhanced. The chuck’s design plays a vital role in effective thin film coating and, combined, these elements ensure uniform, defect-free films.

Incorporating multiple well-designed features to optimize air flows and evaporation processes, a lip on the chuck deflects air and solvent vapours upwards along the spin coater walls, venting out through gaps to prevent film contamination. Plus, low velocity regions have been eliminated, minimizing pockets of solvent vapours and extending the life of the motor. Evaporation at the surface of the film is improved by manipulating the fast-moving column of air that enters the bowl through the lid. Determining the optimal recess depth relative to the lid hole diameter and the optimal distance between the substrate and the spin coater lid was critical to the success of this feature.

A lighter, more aerodynamic design than our previous chucks increases the response of the motor as drag is reduced. With better acceleration, higher speeds, and lower energy usage, you can confidently implement high-speed coating processes into your research.

Substrate in new Ossila spin coater chuck
As with all of our products, this new chuck was developed to equip researchers with better tools for intelligent and efficient scientific research.

Dr. Jon Griffin, Research Scientist at Ossila

Backed by 15 years of product development at Ossila, our R&D team have streamlined and simplified thin film fabrication with an all-in-one solution for coating multiple substrates. Housing four of the most commonly used substrate sizes perfectly, this chuck is a flexible choice for exploring device fabrication and performance across a range of substrate sizes.

Empowering scientists in all fields to make the most of their research, our improved spin coater chuck is included as standard with the newly launched Ossila Spin Coater Advanced and the original Ossila Spin Coater. The increased efficiency and enhanced performance of our spin coating systems are available to customers across the globe with a fast and simple online ordering process.

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