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Product Code M2371A1-5EA
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High Purity >99% Graphene sheet/paper, high mechanical strength and superior electrical conductivity

For applications in sensors, batteries and supercapacitors, thermal control and heat spreading, and EMI shielding.

Graphene sheet, also referred to as graphene paper, is the assembly of individual graphene nanosheets into macroscopic structure to form paper-like material. The achieved freestanding graphene sheet shows a unique combination of outstanding properties such as high mechanical strength, large surface area, and superior electrical conductivity, and stability in electrochemical environment, outperforming many other carbon substrates.

Illustrative structure of a graphene monolayer, CAS 7782-42-5
Illustrative structure of a graphene monolayer, CAS 7782-42-5

As a functional material, graphene sheet does not only act as a conducting agent, but also as a current collector. This makes graphene sheet, a promising base flexible electrode material for energy storage devices with significantly improved performances in energy density, power density and better life cycle compared to non-flexible conventional electrode architecture.

High Purity Graphene Sheet

High Purity

High purity Graphene Sheet >99%

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Low price‎‎ Graphene Sheet

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Low price Graphene Sheet

Superior electrical conductivity 7782-42-5

Superior electrical conductivity

Electrical Conductivity In Plane 3,700 S/cm

There are two main procedures to prepare free standing graphene sheets, “top-down” and “bottom-up”. The top-down processes attain graphene films from graphite, including vacuum filtration, direct evaporation, and diverse coating techniques. The bottom-up processes are based on the synthesis of graphene films from gaseous carbon sources, such as chemical vapor deposition.

With thermal conductivity and spreading-in-plane conductivity above 550 W/mK, and surface resistivity ranging as low as 0.04 Ω/sq, graphene sheet has following applications but not limited to:

  • Sensors
  • Electrodes for batteries and supercapacitors
  • Thermal control and heat spreading
  • EMI Shielding

General Information

CAS Number 7782-42-5
Chemical Formula C
Full Name Graphene Sheet
Purity >99%
Form Gray to black sheet
Synonyms Graphene paper, Graphene film, Graphene foil
Classification / Family Graphene, Graphene Film, 2D Materials, Carbon Nanomaterials

Physical Properties

Product Code M2371A1 M2371B1
Thermal Conductivity In Plane 550 W/mK 550 W/mK
Resistivity Electrical resistivity at surface 0.06 Ω/sq Electrical resistivity at surface 0.06 Ω/sq
Conductivity Electrical Conductivity In Plane 3,700 S/cm Electrical Conductivity In Plane 3,700 S/cm
Tensile Strength 10 MPa 10 MPa
EMI Shielding EMI Shielding: 53 dB at 30 MHz, 58 dB at 1.5 GHz EMI Shielding: 53 dB at 30 MHz, 58 dB at 1.5 GHz
Density 1.8 g/cm3 1.8 g/cm3
Size 10 cm × 10 cm 5 cm × 5 cm
Thickness 35 μm 35 μm

MSDS Documentation

Graphene Sheet MSDSGraphene Sheet MSDS Sheet


Batch Quantity Price
M2371A1-5EA 5 Pieces
M2371A1-10EA 10 Pieces
M2371B1-5EA 5 Pieces £100
M2371B1-10EA 10 Pieces £160

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To the best of our knowledge the information provided here is accurate. The values provided are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch. Products may have minor cosmetic differences (e.g. to the branding) compared to the photos on our website. All products are for laboratory and research and development use only.

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