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CAS Number 1136292-71-1

Chemistry Building Blocks, COF Ligands, MOF Ligands, Porous Organic Frameworks

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Covalent organic frameworks (COFs) terephthalohydrazide ligand

serves as a linker for COFs enabling applications including photocatalytic hydrogen evolution, CO2 sorption, sensors and filtration membranes

2,5-Diethoxyterephthalohydrazide (CAS number 1136292-71-1), is a para-diethoxybenzene substituted with two carbohydrazide at 1-, 4-potition. 2,5-Diethoxyterephthalohydrazide is well-known for its synthesis of COF-42 with 1,3,5-triformylbenzene. COF-42 is chemically robust due to its hydrazide linkers and is widely employed as the platform for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. When 2,5-diethoxyterephthalohydrazide reacts with metalated-porphyrinic aldehydes, it produces 2D COFs (MPor-DETH-COFs, M: Zn, Ni, Co). These MPhor-DETH-COFs exhibit photocurrent of up to 0.9 μA/cm2 and an average hydrogen evolution rate up to 413 μmol/g/h.

COFs synthesised from 2,5-diethoxyterephthalohydrazide and triformylbenzene derivatives feature large amount of amines in the network making it favourable for capturing CO2. These COFs show a high surface area of 2336 m2/g and CO2 uptake capacities ranging from 1.14-2.66 mmol/g.

Facile reactions

Facile reactions

Hydrazide possesses excellent reactivity

High Purity 1136292-71-1

High Purity

>98% Purity

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MOF and COF ligands

MOF and COF ligands

hydrazide ligand for cross-linked COF networks

General Information

CAS Number 1136292-71-1
Chemical Formula C12H18N4O4
Full Name 2,5-Diethoxyterephthalohydrazide
Molecular Weight 282.30 g/mol
Synonyms 2,5-diethoxybenzene-1,4-dicarbohydrazide, DETH
Classification / Family Terephthalohydrazides, Hydrazide ligands, COFs ligands, MOF ligands, Hydrogen evolution, CO2 sorption

Chemical Structure

2,5-Diethoxyterephthalohydrazide chemical structure, CAS 1136292-71-1
2,5-Diethoxyterephthalohydrazide chemical structure, CAS 1136292-71-1

Product Details

Purity 98%
Melting Point N/A
Appearance White powder

MSDS Documentation

2,5-Diethoxyterephthalohydrazide2,5-Diethoxyterephthalohydrazide MSDS Sheet

Literature and Reviews

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