Ossila Directors

Dr James Kingsley - Managing Director

Dr James Kingsley - Ossila Managing DirectorJames is the founder and managing director of Ossila, and has over 8 years experience in organic electronics. During his career he has produced some of the highest efficiency organic photovoltaics as part of the EPSRCS Nanotechnology Grand Challenge project. His personal research areas of interest include new materials for organic photovoltaics and hybrid organic-inorganic devices. However, with a PhD in quantum mechanics/nanotech, James also has a keen interest in developing innovative test equipment in order to help scientists conduct research faster and with better results.

Key Publications

Dr. Alastair Buckley – Technical Director

Dr. Alastair Buckley - Technical DirectorAlastair is a lecturer of physics at the University of Sheffield, specialising in organic electronics and photonics. He is also a member of the EPMM research group, with his key areas of research focusing on understanding and applying the intrinsic advantages of functional organic materials to a wide range of optoelectronic devices. Alastair’s experience has not been gained solely in academia; he previously led the R&D team at MicroEmmisive Displays as Chief Scientist, and as a result he has extensive technical experience in OLED displays.

Key Publications

Prof. David Lidzey – Chairman

Prof. David Lidzey - Ossila ChairmanAs professor of physics at the University of Sheffield, Prof. David Lidzey heads the university’s Electronic and Photonic Molecular Materials research group (EPMM) and has had over 150 peer reviewed papers published. During his career David has worked in both academic and technical environments, with his main areas of research including hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor materials and devices, organic photonic devices and structures and solution processed photovoltaic devices.

Key Publications