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Boron-doped Graphene Powder

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Boron-doped Graphene Powder,  multilayer graphene doped with boron

For applications in sensors, fuel cells, supercapacitors, energy storage and batteries.

Boron-doped graphene powder is a multi-layered graphene doped with boron atoms. Boron, one of the important doping elements, can induce electron deficiency in graphene with a p-doping effect, while retaining its original sp2 hybridization and conjugated planar structure. With electronegativity of boron is smaller than that of carbon, the doping of boron to graphene can lead to a clear differentiation of electron densities on the carbon ring structure.

With a much improved electrocatalytic activity, boron-doped graphene exhibits superior oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalytic performance since electron deficient boron atoms can introduce positive charges to the graphene thus enhance the adsorption of oxygen and promote O–O cleavage during ORR. Being relatively positively charged, boron-doped graphene can also improve the adsorption of nitrogen to the surface to form B-N bonds for the reduction of nitrogen to ammonia. With a doping level of 6.2%, boron-doped graphene gained an ammonia production rate of 9.8 μg·hr-1·cm-2 and an excellent faradic efficiency of 10.8% at -0.5 V versus reversible hydrogen electrode.

Boron-doped graphene is also a promising anode materials for potassium-ion batteries (KIBs) with large capacity, high rate and good cycling stability performances. Maximum specific capacity of metallic B4C28 anode with a doping concentration of 12.5 at. % can reach 564 mAh/g, larger than that of most anodes for KIBs.

Strong B-C bond energy preserves the mechanical properties of graphene however the thermal conductivity of boron-doped graphene is dramatically reduced compared to pristine graphene. The incorporation of boron in graphene finds many potential applications in sensors, electrochemistry, catalysis, electrodes for batteries and energy storage.

  • Sensors
  • Electrodes for batteries and supercapacitors
  • Energy storage
  • Fuel cells
  • Electrocatalytic nitrogen/oxygen reduction

General Information

CAS Number 7782-42-5
Chemical Formula C/B
Full Name Boron-doped Graphene Powder

Boron content: >11%

Carbon content: 88.9%
Form Powder
Synonyms Boron-doped Graphene Powder
Classification / Family Graphene, Doped Graphene, 2D Materials, Carbon Nanomaterials

Physical Properties

Form Powder
Layers <10 layers
Thickness 5 nm
Size 5 - 10 μm

MSDS Documentation

Boron-doped Graphene Powder MSDSBoron-doped Graphene Powder MSDS Sheet


Batch Quantity Price
M2372A1 100 mg
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M2372A1 500 mg £553
M2372A1 1 g £887

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