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Video: Demonstration of Spin Coating Small Substrates and Wafer Fragments

This video demonstrates the spin coating of small and odd-shaped substrates (in this case silicon wafer fragments) that in many cases would be too small to coat using a standard spin coater due to the size of the vacuum chuck (and so would otherwise need mounting).

The spin coater chucks can be custom designed to hold arbitrary shaped substrates and work well with under-sized wafer fragments. The only general requirement that in order to get good coverage when dynamically dispensing a solution the fragment should cover the centre of the chuck so that centripetal forces will spread it over the entire fragment. However, when using a static dispense this doesn't matter.

Get a custom chuck for your substrates

You can download the design to make your own chucks for the Ossila Spin Coater and even 3D print them if you wish. We can also design and make them for you - visit our Custom Spin Coater Chucks page, or our Spin Coater product page or contact our technical team to find out more.

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