Amber Vials (Halogenated Solvent Safe for Ink Preparation)

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4 ml amber vials with silicone septa for solution preparation and storage. Available in packs of 100.



Many organic electronic inks use chlorinated solvents, which makes the choice of vial and cap crucial. Amber vials help to minimise light absorption, whilst polypropylene caps are essential to prevent the solvent vapours from welding the cap to the bottle. A PTFE septa ensures compatibility with almost all solvents and acids.

It is also important to consider the septa backing, as solvent vapours can begin to creep around the septa when bottles are heated for long times (as is sometimes the case when dissolving polymers). A septa backing material that has minimum swelling is vital for maintaining the integrity of the PTFE coating. Ossila 4ml Amber Vials have silicone-backed septas.

Amber vial with solvent safe PTFE lid
Amber vials with lids
Our amber vials are available in packs of 100


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