Solvent Safe Syringes

Order Code: C112


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All polypropylene disposable syringes for solution preparation and filtration. Most normal syringes have rubber plungers which are unsuitable for use in organic electronics as the rubber is attacked by acidic solutions such as PEDOT:PSS and especially by chlorinated solvents. As such, an all polypropylene syringe is essential for compatibility with most organic electronic processes. When used with difficult to filter solutions it is also important to have a luer-lock fitting to ensure that the filter is firmly attached.

Available in two sizes, 2 ml and 5 ml. The smaller syringe minimises solution loss for small samples while the 5 ml has ample capacity for a standard 4 ml solution.

Further Information
In this video an Ossila syringe filter is used with a C112 Rubber-free Syringe to filter PEDOT:PSS in preparation for spin coating onto a substrate.


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