Gate Deposition Mask - Long Channel OFETs

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The OFET gate shadow mask is designed for thermal evaporation of gates either above or below the source-drain contacts on Ossila's standard OFET substrates (20 mm x 15 mm). The substrates are kept away from direct contact with the mask by use of a 200 μm spacer which prevents damage to delicate polymer layers and allows evaporation of any residual solvents while in vacuum chambers. 


The mask can be used in conjunction with the source drain evaporation stack and linear/interdigitated shadow masks to produce all four types of OFET:
  • top-gate/bottom contact
  • top-gate/top contact
  • bottom-gate/bottom contact
  • bottom-gate/top contact


Top gate OTFT shadow mask (technical drawing)
OFET gate shadow mask (technical drawing)

Mask with direct contact: For sputtering and other non-directional deposition systems, as well as for thermal deposition systems with oblique angles or a very short throw, we recommend the use of the direct contact mask to get well-defined edges.

Mask with 200 μm spacer: For normal thermal evaporation systems we recommend the use of masks with the 200 μm spacer to help avoid scratches and allow better out-gassing.


Size 75 mm x 75 mm
Thickness 1.4 mm
Material Stainless steel
Capacity 12 substrates


Compatible components

Source drain evaporation stack E191
Source drain masks 1.4 mm
Material E201, E211
Substrates S111, S141


Top gate OTFT shadow mask (dimensions)Top gate on long channel linear OTFT (technical drawing)
Dimensions (left) and schematic (right) of the substrate system including source-drain contacts.


Top gate evaporation stack for long channel OTFT (exploded view)







Substrate holder and 200 μm standoff



 Gate shadow mask





close up schematic of the assembled top gate shadow mask close up schematic of the assembled top gate shadow mask(schematic)
Close up of the assembled mask (without lid) showing the standoff. Schematic (left) Photo (right)


To the best of our knowledge, the technical information provided here is accurate. However, Ossila assume no liability for the accuracy of this information. The values provided here are typical at the time of manufacture and may vary over time and from batch to batch.