Monolayer Graphene Oxide - Nitrogen Doped

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General Information

CAS number 7782-42-5 (graphite)
Chemical formula CxHyNwOz
Molecular weight n.a.
Synonyms N-doped graphene oxide
Classification / Family 2D materials, n-type semiconductor, Carbon nanomaterials, Graphene oxide, Graphene, Organic electronics.

Product Details

Purity >99%, single layer
Colour Black/brown powder

Chemical Structure

chemical structure of n-doped graphene oxide
Chemical structure of nitrogen-doped monolayer graphene oxide.


N-doped graphene oxide (NGO) overcomes the disadvantages of graphene oxide (GO) by adding nitrogen doping into the process of GO synthesis to repair the defects and improve the electronic structure of GO.

Introduction of the nitrogen group will not only modify the functionalities of graphene oxide, but also it will change the chemical, optical and electronic properties by the substitution of oxygen groups with nitrogen groups in the graphene lattice. Firstly, with more functional groups embedded to the graphene structure, n-doped graphene oxides is chemically more active than graphene oxide; Secondly, replacing oxygen functional  groups on graphene oxide sheet with nitrogen-containing groups transforms GO from p-type into an n-type semiconductor. This can promote hole transport for certain applications, improvement of biocompatibility of carbon devices in biosensing and enhancement of the performance of graphene-based supercapacitors.

N-doped graphene oxide (NGO) is also an intermediate for the synthesis of N-doped graphene/reduced graphene.


Elemental Analysis

Product code C (%) H (%) N (%) S (%) C/N ratio
M891 43.54 3.317 3 0.818 14.5

Literature and Reviews 

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