Few-layer WS2

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General Information

CAS number 12138-09-9
Chemical formula WS2
Molecular weight 247.97 g/mol
HOMO/LUMO/Bandgap Bandgap undergoes an indirect (~1.4 eV) to direct (~2 eV) transition when its size is reduced from bulk to a single layer
Synonyms Tungsten disulfide, tungsten sulfide
Classification / Family

2D semiconducting materials, monolayer materials, thin-layered transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), n-type semiconductors

Product Details

Purity 99.9%
Number of layers 1-10
Few layers ratio 95%
Diameter 0.2~10 µm
Melting point N/a (decomposes to tungsten and sulfur)
Colour Black powder/granules

Chemical Structure

few layers WS2
Chemcial structure of tungsten disulfide (WS2); CAS no. 12138-09-9.


Tungsten disulfide (WS2), is regarded as highly valuable for high power applications such as solid-state batteries and supercapacitors due to its unique combination of structural, electronic, optical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties.

With promising carrier mobility and conductivity, easily tunable optical bandgap featuring strong covalent bonds between atoms within the layers and weak van der Waals force between atoms across the layers, WS2 and other layered semiconductors have been intensively studied for optoelectronic applications.

Literature and Reviews 

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