Multiplexor for Mobility Testing and Sensing (Low Density Substrates)

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The Ossila multiplexor for low density substrates is designed to facilitate and speedup the characterization of OFETs, TFTs and sensing devices fabricated using the low-density Ossila substrates system. The multiplexer allows measurements to be automatedto increase throughput and reliability. It can quickly be integrated with the most common sourcemeters through two BNC back connectors, and easily programmed with a variety of languages such as LabVIEW, Matlab or C.

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System Overview

OFET and TFT low density multiplexor

Simply insert a substrate into the clip-fit bracket and start the test program to automatically characterize up to five devices with the OSSILA FACT software (contact Ossila for information on the control software and compatible SMUs).

low density bottom gate prefabricated ofet substrate  ITO substrate for OFET and sensing
Bottom-gate bottom-contact Si/SiO2 re-usable test chip(left); bottom-contact top-gate ITO disposable test chip(right)


Compatible systems

Prefabricated Substrates

Prefabricated substrates to make testing materials quick and simple and get the highest possible mobilities from new materials. Thermally evaporated gold or platinum electrodes on a silicon substrate with 300 nm silicon oxide gate dielectric. Optional OTS treatment makes device fabrication a one step process of spinning on your semiconductor. Fabricated to order for your research needs.

low density bottom gate prefabricated ofet substrate

Low-Density OFET Fabrication System

Designed for maximum experimental versatility and ease of handling. Intended for use by scientists wanting to perform a wide variety of experiments on new types of devices. Also good for teaching and training purposes.

Low density substrate: source/drain schematicLow density substrate: top gate schematicLow density substrate: bottom gate schematic

Evaporation-Free OFET Fabrication System

Pre-patterned transparent ITO source-drain electrodes that allows fabrication of bottom-contact top-gate devices within minutes and without the need for thermal evaporation. Large channel dimensions of 50 μm x 30 mm also reduce contact effects making them ideal for device screening. Also great for opto-electronic experiments which require optical access from both sides.

Pre-patterned ITO substrate schematic (constant channel length)Pre-patterned ITO substrate schematic (variable channel length)Evaporation free: completed top gate transistor schematic


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