Environmental and Encapsulation Chambers

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Designed for long-term experiments, our Environmental & Encapsulation Chamber provides a hermetically-sealed environment suitable for outdoor lifetime testing, gas sensing and degradation studies.

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Introducing the Long-Term Encapsulation Chamber, a long-awaited hermetically-sealed chamber designed to protect substrates from oxygen, water and other damaging environmental elements.

Encapsulation and environmental chamber

The chamber is compact enough to be loaded with substrates in the small antechamber of a standard glove box before being sealed and removed for experimentation. The chamber can be placed outside for extended lifetime testing without the enclosed substrates being damaged by exposure to the atmosphere, which makes it ideal for extended lifetime testing.


Key features for hermetically sealed environment

  • Milled from single block of aluminium
  • 8mm toughened safety glass lid withstands pressures from vacuum to 1 bar
  • Viton O ring seal around lid
  • NASA-tested, near-hermetic epoxy seals ribbon cable


Environmental & Encapsulation chamber key features


The Encapsulation Chamber can be rigged up to a nitrogen or vacuum line in order to purge the chamber, or undertake environmental studies by filling the chamber with gas. We recommend creating an overpressure via a nitrogen line in order to achieve the best results during long-term outdoor experiments. The chamber is also suitable for baking (up to 100°C) to bake-out any absorbed moisture before loading with substrates.


Uses for Encapsulation & Environmental Chamber

The Environmental & Encapsulation Chamber includes a substrate board designed for use with the Multiplexing Lifetime Tester. This enables lifetime testing of photovoltaics over long periods with reduced water and oxygen ingress which can damage PV cells.


Ossila solar farm lifetime system logo


Our recent involvement in Sheffield University's Solar Farm Project required us to develop a Lifetime System which featured three Long Term Encapsulation Chambers, each one housing a remote substrate board and connected to a Multiplexing Lifetime System.


Solar Farm PV Lifetime Testing System


The purpose of this project is to investigate the lifetime of solar cells and it is essential that the PV devices are protected from oxygen, water and other damaging exposure to the environment whilst being tested for long periods outdoors. The Encapsulation Chamber provides the ideal hermetically-sealed environment for this purpose, and was rigged up to a nitrogen line with two valves to maintain overpressure.


Solar Farm Lifetime Testing System Encapsulation Chambers


However, we have designed the Encapsulation Chamber to be as flexible as possible and as such it is suitable for the following purposes too:

  • Extended lifetime testing
  • Outdoor lifetime testing
  • Intrinsic lifetime studies (where access to active layers are required pre and post aging)
  • Gas sensing
  • Degradation studies

This demonstrates the low out-gassing, low-ingress nature of the chamber. With the addition of a nitrogen purge or vacuum suction, the chamber could then provide a long-term hermetic system.


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