Xtralien X100 Command List

Command Result
cloi hello Returns a 'Hello World' string
smu[1,2] set voltage [value] Sets a voltage
smu[1,2] set osr [1-9] Sets the OSR mode (speed)
smu[1,2] measure Measures current and voltage
smu[1,2] measurei Measures current
smu[1,2] measurev Measures voltage
smu[1,2] oneshot [value]

Takes a single current-voltage measurement at a specified voltage

smu[1,2] sweep [start] [increment]  [end] Performs a current-voltage sweep
smu[1,2] sweep [start] [increment]  [end] d Performs a current-voltage sweep forwards and backwards
smu[1,2] get voltage Returns the voltage last given by the user
smu[1,2] get osr Returns the OSR last given by the user
vsense[1,2] measure Returns a measured voltage, note that at Open Circuit the value returned will be incorrect.