Xtralien Applications


The Xtralien X100 is versatile - so versatile that we cannot possibly list all of its applications. It is designed as a general-purpose instrument to perform a wide range of experiments used in electronic engineering, condensed matter physics, chemical engineering and biotechnology. If you need to run a DC or low frequency precision-measurement, the X100 is the ideal measurement system.


Experimental types Specific Measurement Types Example Material Systems
Diode characterization IV and JV sweeps Perovskites
Transistor characterization IVL and JVL sweeps Graphene & 2D materials (MoS2, WS2, BN)
Laser characterization Output and transfer sweeps Metal oxides
Solar cell characterization Photocurrent detection Polymer:fullerene bulk heterojunctions
Hysteresis characterization Quantum efficiency Small molecule planar heterojunction solar cells
Power point tracking Hall bars Polymer and small molecule OLEDs
Photo-detection 4 point probes and sheet resistance Quantum dots
Cyclic voltammetry CZTS & CIGS
III-V materials (GaAs, GaN


With drivers and functions for a wide range of software (including LabVIEW, Matlab and Python) you can customize it for your research. The Xtralien X100 is already being used by a number of our colleagues and friends across a range of disciplines, from chemistry to physics to engineering. 

Example Experiments


Photovoltaic / Solar Cell Measurements: JV sweeps (light and dark), power point tracking, lifetime-tracking etc.


LEDs and OLEDs: Driving devices and measuring light output (IVL sweeps).

JVL sweep of a polymer OLED      

Transistors and Semiconductors: Output and transfer curves (mobility, threshold and on/off). Stability and stress testing.

Transfer curve of an OFET

New Materials: Transconduction and photoconduction measurements for graphene and 2D materials, nanowires, perovskites, biomaterials and many many more...

Transconductance of graphene

Quantum Efficiency: External quantum efficiency (EQE), internal quantum efficiency (IQE).

EQE of an organic photovoltaic


Get involved and start a community for your applications.

Above we list just a few possible applications, but thanks to example software functions and libraries the X100 can be used in a wide range of measurements. If you have any ideas or questions about the uses of Xtralien X100, just get in touch.